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I Believe You [Poem]

I believe you…

led him to believe

that you wanted to

because you wanted to

and he had given you

some kind of impression

that he wanted you

and that was, at some point

enough of a reason

for you to come into

a space that,

made you comfortable

and by that point,

he was there to comfort you

… and a look continued

into a touch

that became a kiss

and you wanted so much…

to let him let himself go,

do whatever he wanted to

in order to let himself know

that he was in control

your mind, body, and soul

all in submission

and you had given him permission

to this point

to go this far

but now you feel different

like you don’t want to

and it’s hard

because it’s hard

and he’s saying that…

that you made it like this

and this part

is just this hard

and for his part, he’s no help

only caring about himself

at this point

and you’re not into it

or him,


I believe you…

had and have

every right

to change your mind

even this instance,

to stave off the kind of

guilt and shame

that comes and came

with feeling obligated

or oppressed into

being an object meant to supplant

his ego for your emotion

and by no means

is your suggestive gesture

any measure of support

that he should suggest his pleasure

more important

than your self-respect

or dignity

you do not owe him

a release, or relief

or anything that requires

that you surrender

to his desire

when you don’t want to

or it

does not matter what you said

what you wore

what you had done

how far you had gone

or if.

I believe you…

are believable

and it is absolutely inconceivable

to me

that anyone is unwilling to see

that it is not ever going to be

a power of any men

to un-empower you

and I’ll put my foot on the neck

of one attempting to devour you

or your voice

you are not our chattel


as so you choose

and there are some of us

who will advocate and apologize

until you lose… the fear

of not being valued


because too many of us

are insecure,

and in fear of being rejected,

I believe you…

deserve consideration

because you considered waiting

even after you’d considered saying

something else

you get to say no

whenever you say so

no one can say something else

and you get to consider you,

not what someone felt

or what they’ll say about you

because no matter what they say


and you being present and aware

in and at any given moment

to decide that you want to do

whatever you have chosen,

not what he, she,

or society says is appropriate

or inferred

don’t you dare accept responsibility

or a role

for anything absurd…

like “no one will believe you”

because YES the hell WE DO

and contrary to whatever context

that he will cite,

let me repeat:


So speak up about it

Speak out your loud

and Speak your truth

however you need to,

You are worth it

You are

worth whatever amount of

whatever it takes to

let your voice be heard,

and someone needs you

someone needs to hear you say it

that you survived

because you decided

not to take it… anymore

same rules apply,

to any woman

to any sister

to any daughter

to any niece

to any aunty

to any mother

to any cousin

to any friend

to any neighbor

to any free spirit

to any virgin

or any version

to any sex worker

to any whore…

That’s your body

and yours to say no

and if you say you didn’t say so,

I believe you.


©️2021 Cornelious “See” Flowers