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Time for You.

You have a right to be you. Whatever and whoever that is. It’s Your decision. It’s Your choice.

No one gets to take that away. No one is entitled to any part of you that gives them any authority or access to do such a thing. Not without your consent.

Even in a society, or a world, that will try to convince you that you need permission, that you need a specific ally, that you need a specific group or organization, that you need a certain religion, or political party, or a team, or a school, a particular status, or belief system, a look, or a car, an outfit, or a hairstyle, or a pair of shoes…

To fit in…

Know that none of that is as important as you are. None of it. None of it means anything. Unless you give it meaning. It’s only value is the value that you determine it has.

That’s what they, whoever they are, is hoping that you never figure out. That you are the commodity. That the true currency is you! That none of that other stuff- because that’s what it is, stuff- is important. It’s actually a distraction. It’s a diversion.

It’s intended to steal your attention away from your ability to recognize what life is really about. It takes you away from acknowledging the real point of this journey. The actual reason that you are here.

You are here to have an experience. You are here to experience the full range and bandwidth of energies that are available to you. You are here for action, for adventure, for activity. Not always towards any specific purpose. Because that is your purpose. Being active in the experience, being present and aware, being available to the moment of now is why you are here.

Someone knows that. And they know that you don’t. They are counting on you not knowing. They’re expecting you to think that your bills are more important. That your mistakes are more important. That your pain is more important. That their politics and their systems and their programs are more important. They’ll have you believe that a job is more important. That everything else is more important.

And they’ll have you trade what is important, you and your time, for those things. For those insignificant and inappropriate things, they’ll have you pressed in between the binds and bondage of unreal and unrealistic commitments. They’ll trick you into feeling that you don’t measure up, that you’re not, that it’s over, that you can’t.

But that they can.

That somehow they have a right and entitlement to power that you don’t. That they have an access to resources and you don’t. That they have ownership and you don’t.

None of that is true. They know that.

They know that you’ve been betrayed by the perceptions and notions that have been presented to you so far.

They have invested their time, resources, and energy into you giving yours away.

You’ve given away your time, your resources, and your energy…

For pain. For hurt. For tragedy. For racism. For classism. For social media. For celebrity. For popularity. For likes and comments. For followers. For tradition. For religions. For corporations. For people. For materials. For a bunch of things…

Because someone told you that those things were important.

You know what is important? What is most important?
You are important.
You are that important!
You are necessary. This place isn’t meant to be suffered, or separated, or stuck. You are supposed to succeed! This place is and will only ever be anything meaningful because of who YOU are! Because you are here. This place needs you.

It needs you to BE and become. It needs you to go and keep going. It needs you to do and keep doing. It needs you to speak and keep speaking. It needs you to live and keep living. It needs you to love and keep loving. It needs you to dream and keep dreaming. It needs you to try and keep trying. It needs you to feel and keep feeling. It needs you to see and keep seeing. It needs you to learn and keep learning. It needs you to want and keep wanting.

It needs you. It needs you to be you.

Whatever you’re going through. Whatever your experience has been or is, experience it. Experience it to the full. Feel all of your feelings. Stay as long as you need to in it, and then move forward. Then create the next experience that you require to continue on your path of experience.

Along the way, you’ll connect with energies and spirits that reflect your light in a way you need to be energized and educated. Those connections will be the most profound moments of your life. Good and bad. Those connections will be the reason that you are who you become. Those connections will be the light that ignite your fire. Those connections will be the force behind your motives and intentions. Those connections will be the reason that you continue on your journey towards the point of it all.

That journey is discovery.

The point is for you to be you.

They know that.
It’s time for you to know it as well.


©️2022 Cornelious “See” Flowers