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What are you waiting to DO?

You can want for it to happen.

You can wish for it to happen.

You can wait for it to happen.

Or you can make it happen.

And that, quite simply, is the difference between those who do, and those who don’t. That is quite often, most of the time, what really determines whether someone or some thing is a failure or a success.

Those that did it, or are doing it… DID IT. Or are DOING IT!

Those that “have it”, that’s how they got it: They did it. They didn’t wait. They didn’t ask for permission. They didn’t count all of the reasons that it might not work. They didn’t consider how unqualified or unconventional they are, relative to how things are “supposed” to be, or go. They don’t worry about all of the details.

They decide. Then they DO.

And they did it. They did what it took. They showed up. They made the choice. They made the sacrifice. They made the change. They had the discipline. They meant what they said.

They did what they said.

You’ve been thinking too much. Way too much planning and strategizing. Way too much consideration towards what may or may not happen.

Too much worry.

Too much concern.

Too much thinking.

Too much talking.

Too much self-doubt.

Too much procrastination.

Too much hesitation.

Not enough “JUST DO THE SHIT”.

Not enough recognition of the fact that you only get one life in this realm. You’ve been told the way things are “supposed” to go. You’ve been shown that this is the way that things have “always” been. You’ve accepted the status quo’s, the stereotypes, and the situations.

What if that’s just what they, whoeverthefvck “they” is, wants you to believe?

While “they” experiment, explore, and express themselves according to the truly “right” way to do this… by JUST DOING IT!

Stop waiting for someone to “give” you a chance.

Take your chance!

Stop hoping that someone gives you an opportunity.

Create your opportunity.

Stop accepting that it’s just not your turn.

Know that it’s YOUR turn…

To build that brand. To buy that house. To have that career. To visit that place. To live in that country. To own that land. To write that book. To open that restaurant. To create that market. To experience that peace. To know your identity. To repair those traumas. To connect with those people. To be that parent. To have those relationships. To make that much money. To be that person. To live that life. To experience that joy. To embrace that love. To know what it is to be healed, whole, and free. To be SAFE, SECURE, and SIGNIFICANT. To have that fun. To earn that living. To be that consistent. To be that dependable. To be that connected. To be the owner. To be the leader. To be the example.

To do it!

Listen up…

There are a lot of ways to do it. Whatever it is. But the ONLY way that it’ll ever get done is if someone does it.

You should be that somebody.

You should start right now.

What are you going to DO?



Thought for the Moment 11/28/22

It’s your turn, right now.

It’s not their time.

That’s what’s stopping you. That’s why you seem to be stagnate and in the same spot. That’s why it feels like you’re not growing, not moving, not going anywhere. Not getting what you, and the work you’ve done thus far, should.

Because you’re holding on to some people, and places, that can’t go with you. Not now. They’re not ready for the blessing, the opportunity, the promotion, the progress, the success, the greatness, that is ready for you, right now.

But you want them there. And you’re sacrificing your opportunity and chance to try to get them to where YOU believe they can, should, or deserve, to be. So you pull and push where you shouldn’t have to. You promote and promise where you shouldn’t need to. You play or pause out of sync with the rhythm and frequency that is naturally vibrating for you, in order to attempt to get them in tune, in step, aligned, and in accord with what is jamming for you.

So nothing is happening.

You may or may not believe in God. You may believe in happenstance and evolution. So you may not see this next idea the way I’m going to put it, but I hope you can rationalize within whatever your belief system is, in order to process this next point…

You’re up next for a blessing. An AMAZING opportunity and chance is waiting to blow your absolute mind! There is a light, so big, ready to shine on you and your story. There are resources and networks and possibilities specifically assigned to bring true the BIGGEST of your dreams, wishes, plans, goals, and aspirations.

God has a plan FOR YOU.

But you’ve locked elbows, fingers, and legs with some folks that God has not prepared yet. You’re holding on to some folks that God can’t use right now. You’re trying to bring with you some folks that God needs to stay where they are. They still have to go through some things that God has already gotten you through.

You believe they deserve better. You think they should be further along. You want them to experience a different level.

That’s not where they are. There are some things that you don’t know. There’s some exposure that you can’t afford. There’s some risk and issues that you’re not prepared to deal with. Not with the responsibility that is coming your way. Not with the lives you’re about to be in charge of inspiring, empowering, and exampling. Not with the time you’re going to have to invest into this next season.

That light that God has designed for you is BIG, and BRIGHT. It’s remarkable. It is FOR YOU. It just requires that YOU be set apart. You’re going to have to go this part alone. Those people that you’re holding on to, aren’t equipped for this journey. This is YOUR moment! It’s YOUR time.

You’re not letting go. God can’t use you like that. God needs you to know when to let go.

There are some people in the new room that are expecting ONLY YOU. They have an assignment to do something special and specific for ONLY YOU. They have a spot available, a seat ready, a job, a role, a budget, a stage, waiting for YOU.

But they can’t see you right now. Your space is crowded. You’re bringing baggage when the plan was for you to come empty. So that God can show you how God blesses.

You’re in YOUR way!

That dream. That idea. That feeling. That prophetic word. That potential. That story. That imagination. That plan… ALL of it can come to BE. You just have to be ready and willing, to do what it takes.

The discipline.

The determination.

The desire.

The dedication.

The decision.

This is on YOU. This is your choice. This is YOUR life.

YOU have to DO this.



SEE the Poet

Thought for the Moment 11/25/22

You could have quit. You could have left. You could have argued your point, some more. You could have reacted differently. You could have been more understanding. More forgiving. More blind. More stupid. More in denial.

You could have fought “fire” with “fire”.

You could have been the same disrespectful. You could have done the same hurt. Told the same lies. Played the same games. Embarrassed them the same way. Made them look the same kind of fool. And worse.

But you didn’t do any of that.

You just stayed until you were READY to go.

You stayed until you had all the information your heart needed to be all the way broken. Irreparable for them. You stayed until your mind was all the way made up. Inaccessible to their manipulation. You stayed until your eyes saw fully and clear a truth that you have long been in denial about. Impossible to deny.

You stayed until all of the tears were cried. All the tears of forgiveness and pity and compassion and stupidity. All the tears of a particular hurt, a specific pain, a distinct timeline of events. A personal and private, maybe even secret, history of words and ways that you’ve had to suffer through.

With your chin up. Your head high. Your game face on. Your pride and potential being trampled and tried beyond abuse. Your name being distorted and dirtied against your dignity.

While simultaneously being the butt of the jokes. Being the words under the whispers. Being the destination of the pointed fingers.

You’ve been that.

And you still tried. Tried to reduce yourself to whatever amount of flexible you hoped would be enough for them to see that you’d do whatever. See that you’ve done whatever. See that you’ve let the unimaginable go. That you’ve stayed through the most horrible and hurtful of offenses. See that you’ve still cared. Stayed while being uncared for. Stayed while being uncared about. Stayed while being left, and ignored, and unconsidered, and dismissed, and denied.

You stayed the whole time. Present and aware. Trying to fix a broken that you had nothing to do with. Attempting to cover a hole much bigger than you were ever capable of. Trying to change a long made up mind.

Because you had hope. And of course love. And fear. Your fear was that deep inside they were feeling a pain that only you recognized. A pain that you had identified, and that your love, your trust, your understanding, your support, your dedication, your determination, and of course, your denial, could fix.

And you tried.

Until you couldn’t try anymore.

Until you couldn’t do anymore.

Until you couldn’t stay any longer.

You didn’t quit. You’re not wrong. This is not on you. There is no blame.

It’s okay to leave.

Surprise, you’re crying again.

But, it’s good to cry these tears. Tears of joy. That all of that didn’t break you. That all of that didn’t destroy you. That all of that didn’t end you. It’s okay to cry these tears. These are tears of profound revelation and respect, for yourself. It’s okay to cry now. Now that you know better. These are tears that will wash away the spit on your face.

Let these tears wash away the caked up disrespect and disregard. Let them dilute the concentration of hate and hurt that had long been aimed and assaulted upon you. Let these tears clear the blockage(s) that you had to create to protect yourself, to shield you from being so vulnerable. Over time you developed a hardened layer of emotion that allowed you to put up with more, for far less reasons or benefits than you did before.

Cry these tears.

These are tears of freedom.

These tears are going to heal you.

You used to think that because you were crying you were still in love. Or that you still cared. Or that you still wanted to be there.

That’s not what these tears mean.

These tears mean that you are still human. You still have feelings. There is still room to grow. And be better. And that you have the capacity to try, again.

Someone else.

Somewhere else.

Something else.

After you take care of you.

It’s time to take care of you.



Thought for the Moment 11/26/22

There is a difference between “letting them go” and “letting go of them”.

Some people, and challenges, obstacles, situations, and of the like, are in your life consistently and constantly because you keep them there. They’ve been trying to leave you. They’ve steadily shown you that you are not a priority, or consideration, or primary concern.

But you feel differently.

You have a different desire. And so you’ve maintained the mediocrity. You’ve kept the relationship and routine going. You’ve chosen to put up with being put last. Or put down. Or put away.

You’ve put everything but you where you’re supposed to be.

Letting them go is not always enough! You have to let go of them. Let go of the idea that you have of who they should, or could, or would be, if not for (insert whatever excuse and reason you might contrive to justify your perpetual support of the foolishness). You have to admit the obvious. Stop pretending that “what it is” is not what it is. Let go of the desire or demand for respect, responsibility, reciprocity. Let go of the want for redemption. Let go of the anticipated idea of regret that you might suffer once it ends. Stop doing that to yourself!

Let go of them. Release the hold that you have on that idea of what might happen if it ends now. Let go of the feeling that you’re owed the realization and materialization of their potential. If they turn out to be who you always knew they could be, with someone else, somewhere else, be okay with that. They were never going to be that person with you. Or for you. Even if they ultimately become that person BECAUSE of you.

Just let go.

Your holding on to something or someone for the sake of pride or guilt or fear or ego or unrequited love or image or perception or expectation or trauma or insecurity or tradition or comfort… is unhealthy. It is not stable. It rarely, if ever, matures into anything other than mess.

Especially when they would have been gone if it was up to them.

But you’ve kept fighting for it, for them.

Fighting every battle but the one most important.

The one for you.

It’s time to fight for you.