Words hold the power to heal. They possess the ability to overwhelm the influences of attitude and are able to impress the spirits and souls of mankind into the direction and distance forward. Words bring about change and force the efforts of action into being. Words are responsible for the creation and cultivation of ideas and worlds alike. Words are the answer. The power that a word is capable of far outstretches the reach and bound of what any obstacle or opposition ever is. Words are the dialogue and the difference. The right word, at the right time, given in the right context, has the unique ability to settle conflict or supplant pain, or subdue the adversarial position of anything or anyone that comes against. Words have that kind of power. Words have that kind of strength!

So, words must be guarded and protected. They must be utilized and taken advantage of. Words must be entrusted and endowed to the man, women, or moment that is well able and determined to access their greatest potential in order for the word, or words, to be able to realize the desire of their aim. There must be intention and reason behind the language of words. There must be a palpable sense of awareness and appreciation, so as to fully complete any task pursued by what any meaning of words is comprehensible.

I believe in the power of words. I believe in the reality of words. I believe that words are going to be the inspiration and impetus for whatever good is to come, whatever change is to avail itself, and whatever difference (or different) is to make itself known for our NOW and for what will become our future.

I write words that I believe. Every poem, blog, essay, note or quote, is written with my wholehearted belief and consciousness for that subject matter. I write the things that I feel or have experienced, or those that I want to see. Whether they are things that I believe for myself or the things that I believe and desire for others, EVERY WORD is written in fact and truth. In my writings I deliberately expose my whole self and all that there is about me in order to completely honor my soul desire to be transparent and visible for anyone that decides to hear me. I write these words for me, first of all, so that I may be able to live every moment in the present tense and not in the dark recesses of what had been the silence and secrecy of my past. These words have grown me and raised me and matured me. These words have cured me and made me whole. These words have healed me and changed me, and it is my responsibility to share that journey.

This blog is your free ticket to travel along that road with me. I know that you will enjoy it just as much as I enjoy sharing it. I am writing for my life and I am inviting you to come see how I live, one word at a time!

So, hey, thanks for checking out my blog! I am so glad that you stopped by to SEE the POET! I hope you find my post(s) engaging, inspirational, and full of information, education, and LIFE. I am constantly (daily) updating my web presence and experience and I appreciate every click, like, follow, and share that comes from across the globe. I am so excited about what the future holds, what the past has led me to, and what the present has in store!

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