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Trade Places… [POEM]

It’s not fair
that you’ve gone
since a long time ago
with no home
that no one heard your cry
or felt your need
that no one fed your spirit
or believed
that they walk by
and ignore your cup
that they fodder your faith
abhor your luck

it is impossible to imagine
uncanny to perceive
how dare they judge your life
why must they not concede
they read your sign in jest
they offer up of guilt
having no idea your genius
or the life behind you’ve left
the rules that don’t apply
the expectation you can forego
they are too busy slaves to a system
for a freedom they will never know

the audacity of the crowds
those foolish in the wind
thinking you to be the pity
that your treasure doesn’t spend
eyes that peer into the soul
for a hint of what is sure
they posture to heal your sickness
when in truth they need a cure

And it is not fair
that you can suffer
the guilt of knowing best
while they mock your juxtaposition,
you loathe their homelessness.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers