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Rest in PEACE… #NelsonMandela

Nothing about President Mandela’s life is/was a “loss”, even as he leaves this realm we GAIN the experience of remembering and honoring his legacy, his vision, his presence. Death shall surely greet the door of every man, but some will be able to open that door proudly, to a welcoming ovation and embrace in the light of who they were, what they did, who they helped, all while being ushered from this place comforted and supported, loved and cherished by throngs and legions of those whom recognized who they were.
Rest in Peace, true peace, authentic peace Sir, King, Father… Rest on the hearts and minds of those that love you, rest in the peace of a spirit and light that illuminates from the power that lived in you, that lives on of you, the power that will be carried about this earth because of you.
You won’t just be missed, you will be mentioned, you will be mimicked, you will be martyred, you will be made known by those that already know to those who have no idea or inkling yet.
Well done, a life WELL DONE!




Nelson Mandela [POEM]

Your captivity set us free
Your “peace” made us see
You, that gave us release
You, that gave us belief

You stood for us our stance
inherent right to take chance
in your shadows we glance
beyond limits we advance

A smile that yet wavered
of a strength so enabled
of a message so abled
to bring all of many to table

And in this memory we enter
the winter of such December
as your legacy left to render
the hope that we remember

We will never forget,
Rest in PEACE Nelson Mandela