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Bed Still Warm… [POEM]

I smell like you
my breath smells like dew
my tongue seems full,
with residue
lips still quivering
face still warm
forehead dripping wet,
from the storm
ears can remember
heard you losing your mind
a perfect fit last night,

the wind blew past me
my hair decides to ask me…
remember this?
locs soaked in you
must have been,
stains of your fragrance,
puddled into my shoulder
I didn’t even need the clues,
I haven’t stopped dreaming you
I still taste your filling,


reciprocity. was. amazing
I am still crazy
still empty,
you must have craved me
where did it go?
I don’t have to know
you saved me
then we met,
then we came,
then we left…


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers