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Babygirl Birthday… [POEM]

Morning baby
so glad to see
the way you arise
the way you sleep

I’ve been waiting
woke for a while
kind of watching your lips
hoping for a smile

there it is

Hey there sweet thang
look at my baby
the real sunshine
Daddy’s little lady

I hope you slept well
plenty of dreams
now ready to get up
and do plenty of things

like cry for Daddy
and make some tea
meet a young prince,
in make-believe

play dress up and dolls
have ice cream and cake
go shopping for mermaids
for an entire day

we can watch a movie
and just finish it hardly
as the guest arrive
to share in your party

because that’s my baby
that’s my girl
and today is the day
I give her the world


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers