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Not your day… Mom’s…

We better get hip to all the blurring and crossing of lines.., shit is going too far!

Father’s Day cards for mothers is a joke. I don’t care how much you’ve done, at the extreme best, you can only be SUPER MOM, you can’t be DAD. Period. At 1000% mom you still can’t be .00001% Dad. Instead, you are being a TERRIBLE MOM by telling, parading, or carrying on such a LIE!
The fact that you have or had to do more because the CO-parent is doing or has done less, is just what it is. Swallow it. Don’t jeopardize the peace of you walking and working in your role for some “extra” pretend credit.
The deceptive practice of manipulating such a message for the sake of satisfying an ego or pride or for whatever selfish reason will ultimately backfire on you. It will inevitably create a complex or barrier in between that perfect bond or relationship that you think you have with your child, or children. Eventually they are going to grow up and become rational human beings with awareness and intellect that will recognize that you damaged them and that you did so, quite often, with a one-sided version of a three-sided story.
Don’t buy into it. Don’t buy that card. Don’t play that card.
Mothers are mothers. That role is all encompassing. It cannot be added unto, it cannot be subtracted. Mothers are enough. If you were to be a father as well you’d dilute your motherhood. You’d take away from the power and strength that is yours. You’d tear at the fabric of arrangement that is natural and right to serve an unnatural purpose.

But if you were a good mother, and held true to that, there’d be no delinquent nor insufficient service present that could strip you of the amazingness that being a mother holds!

This instead, indeed, is a malicious and masterminded attempt, in our BLACK community, to further emasculate the relationship and institution of our family unit. This plot was set in play by design and deliberately instituted to accomplish a prepared agenda. And it is working to its purpose, to separate and sever our ties, to dissect and destroy us as a whole, to further distract and delay us from an undeniable destiny!

A real mother wouldn’t accept such a thing. She’d take responsibility and make due with what is. She’d have no reason to castrate the image or identity of the man that she once PARTNERED with in order to produce the gift of child or children that she is blessed to nurture and care for. Why. She doesn’t need the extra credit. She gets all the credit for being mother. She gets to be honored and celebrated for parenthood by that title, daily.

And the fact is this:

Mothers (women) can’t be fathers (men). It’s anatomically impossible. I don’t care what the cover of TIME magazine suggests.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Happy Father’s Day

To every Father that goes further to ensure his children go farther
Whether or whatever he has to do weather and what else he barters
Because he works on himself
so that they understand hard work
In spite of the pressure,
In light of the problems
He is Dad, he will solve it
Friend, Confidant, Hero, Evolving
Until its all over, He is all in
Every query, quagmire, or question
He’s the BEST at it!


To my son,… [POEM]

So many things I will teach you
while hoping that the walls of my waters don’t ever breach you
And if I were to break,
that my stains should never reach you

In you I see where I began
I hope that you see in me reflection of a man
With that information,
I want you to STAND

Believe in good despite any urges or suggestion different
Where there is an option for your voice or your ear,
Position yourself to be able to try
There is no reason for you to suffer,
there is no reason FOR YOU to lie

Love because you have no reason not to
Feel because you have a feeling that you’ve got to
Share because you never want to be without
and Travel, so that you know what life is about

Remember that people are people
and that is no excuse
But instead a reason to forgive
or whichsoever you choose

How I’ve done it was my way
and I will never hide those facts
But Son learn from any if my mistakes
and to the same you will never go back

Show the world that you need them
but that on some can not you compromise

And above all know that YOU are loved
and how much you mean,
For if everything that matters is right on the inside,
then of YOU, to the world it will be seen.