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Wag… [POEM]

It’s all made up
and we made it real
made the mistake of belief
see how that made us feel

laws and rules set in stone
stone set in place
we sit stoned and watch it all
throwing stones in case

the founder never did
he found out instead
but found away to spin it
found many of us dead

no God would be so cruel
but God is how it worked
use God to make them live
that God has ruled this earth

a perception and a purpose
on purpose was it perceived
purposely we lost focus
the perception we believed

and such history is a hoax
smoke and mirror, assumed
better that we see it now
or from now, be us doomed.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


“Let us first agree that there is a goal, an agenda, an objective. Then we must identify what that goal is. Then we figure who all wants to go after THAT goal. Then we must honestly and deliberately assess who is capable and able of pursuing said goal because not everyone who wants what we want is willing to do what it takes to go out and get it. And some people don’t have the resources or reflexes to do this so we must accept their appropriate roles in and for our cause. And if they are liabilities, we must identify that and address this accordingly. It is of no success to carry our own resistance along the way that we must travel. After we have identified these truths then we must do what we have set out to do. No matter what. We must be committed and diligent and purposeful. And when some fall off, we must keep going, picking up their slack or substituting their position with well-abled individuals that can supplant their use. But moving towards our aim, regardless. We must not deter nor defer. We must be determined. We must keep going. We must fight. We must know and respect that this is our only hope. This is our only recourse. This is our only choice. And we do not have the time or luxury for deviating because this is what must be done and so done, right now.
And that is our history. That is the history that we create. And that is the history that we must teach, the history of our living example. The history of our action. The history of our choices. The history that we make our past for the certainty of a much more aligned future.
And we can afford nothing else.”