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the sound of rain… [POEM]

this is. the sound of rain
pressed up against my face
wet. drenching. soaking
into my skin
drawing my face into
and coming out. from within
squeezing onto my ears
dripping down my chin
pulling my hair
this is the sound of rain
warming. tasting like
sun moistened wonderful
perfectly fit to my lips
and sucking me into
puddles. and pleasure.
feeling like
the discovery. of treasure
a forecast of storm
torrential. warm.
this is the sound of rain
rising to the occasion
leaving spots. and drops.
and rememberings.
leaving time to fade away
taking breaths
in a way
never felt before
holding on to me
saying things
never felt before
like. everything.
this is the sound of rain
being swallowed
followed into bliss
starting with a kiss
and allowing
the sound of rain
to consume. to exist.
and overwhelming you,
with it
an intoxicating ecstasy,
a temperature that is not,
I feel it. You spill it.
onto my chest
while my tongue
tastes tight spaces
and waits. for. it.
mixed into the rhythm
and mood
grabbing for hands
reaching for food
trying to pull
a record
Like a song. On repeat.
Skipping. To the beat.
of refrain.
say it out loud. My name.
Scream. My name.
Wet. Dream. My name.
to. the sound of rain


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers