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F.A.R.T. Now.

So I have some advice for you…

Fart. (F.A.R.T) Fart now.

Let it go. Get it out. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t be unnatural! Fart!

Too many of us hold in what we have no control over. And the fact is that everyone has to deal with some type of sh*t that produces or can produce some type of festering backup of pressure that needs to be expelled.

We all have “gas”, build up and backup related to our consumption or exposure to what we intake. Gas is a natural thing. Sure it stinks, sure it is uncomfortable, but why in thee hell are you holding onto it? Why are you trying to find a secret place, an isolated place, a dark corner to run and hide to in order to release it?

Guess what? People need to know your fart! They need to know that you fart. It will help them release their own. They’ve been holding in and building up trying to be perfect around you or for you and the truth is that their just as uncomfortable as you are!

Let it go.

And laugh about it! Smile. Learn from it. It’ll teach you something. That smell will tell what’s been going on with you. That smell will indicate what you’ve been eating on. That “smell” (the effects, conversation, revelation) will bring you into reality.

And getting rid of that pressure and discomfort will allow you to FULLY engage life, actively, going forward.

So, F.A.R.T (Find A Reason To) NOW! Let it go! Let it out. Release. Free YOURSELF!

It’s time.


… Oh, and spray, light an incense, burn a candle… Or open a door, crack a window. Whatever helps!

©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Today’s -see

YOU are bound to be free once YOU release YOURSELF from the chain reaction(s) of ignorance, poverty, self-destruction and/or sabotage, generational lies/deceptions, and other traditional afflictions that bind YOU to the histories and habits of the past rather than ushering YOU into the sea of possibility that is available to YOU now and can/will GUARANTEE YOU a positive, powerful, & definite future.
Time to LET GO, LEAVE, and LEAD!