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Full steam ahead, with your dream… [POEM]

As a dream
stood there
to be dreamt
in the ocean
of wants and wishes
as the waves about
far from shores
of hope and promise
in the sand
of what will be
there so swam
a rebellious tenant
of an opportunist sea
being tossed
about the current
holding steady
to this note
somehow floating
‘long the distance
neither wings
and not with boat
stead a bob
and then an absence
not a yell
or such a plea
there just swam
this honest passion
a dark and distant be
nights of wrath
and days of calm
times of trial
unending toll
still this dream
full on ahead
swimming foolishly
to cold
over seasons
unto sets
into harm and dangers way
a little dream
became a difference
and it came
a different way.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers