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Don’t be so hard on YOU… [POEM]

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Today’s lenders, yesterday’s borrowers
This mornings leaders, yesterday’s followers

Those who judge and legislate now,
surely fell certain to mistake once ago
Those who teach and profess in the present
once surely did not know

He that is expert in such field of expertise
that was him that came as novice
‘Till he learned and grew and learned so more
a now success was then a promise

A “greatest” mother was just once a daughter
A doting father, just a rebellious son
Had failure not been a certain option,
neither victories could have been won

A realized dream was a crazy thought
a best friendship, once bickering foes
A depth not measured by the mountainous highs,
instead characterized by torturous lows

The rich we’re once poor
the haves, not always so
solutions used to be problems
stop, became of go

So stop, my child, and play
learn brilliance from your bruising
give time a chance to welcome you
let experiment be of your choosing

Feel first the fire of temptation
let rage the rain of your will
quit not because of any limitation
remember that life is yet life, still…

and remember…

Today’s lenders where yesterday’s borrowers
This mornings leaders, yesterday’s followers!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers