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Sometimes the one you love
is not the one you love
but instead the one you want
and they know that
but they want to be wanted
and so they allow you to love them
because they need you to validate
that they matter
because you need them to validate
that you have feelings
or that you tried to
or that you cared
or that you tried to
or that you showed up
or that you tried to
when no one else would
or when the one they wanted to
and that is just love
doesn’t make much sense
but it makes people happy
or makes them want to be happy
and gives them this feeling
that some people think is happiness
even though it hurts
even though it forces you to give up
for the right thing
because the wrong thing makes sense
love makes the wrong things make sense
because love makes sense of everything
especially the things that don’t
so you do the stupid
selflessly selfish
stupid selflessly selfish
because of love
because it feels right
even when you know it’s not

and sometimes the one you love
is not the one you love
just the one who makes you feel good
or bad enough to make you feel
something like you’re wanted
something like this.


©2012 Cornelious M. Flowers III