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Can I tell you something?🗣

You probably weren’t “equally yolked” in the first place; You were equally (similarly) shelled.

Let me explain:

Your outsides matched. You sounded the same. Liked comparatively. Appeared familiar. Communicated in language and tone that was easier to comprehend. Had commonality. Related in an identifiable fashion. Possessed and prayed towards conjoined destiny’s. Knew the same people. Had the same, or similar, friends, or job, or story. Or faith, or fears. Shared community.

… On the outside (the shell).

But on the inside… You couldn’t have been 2 more different people. Nothing agreeable. Everything a fight. Each moment a battle. What isn’t a battle is bound silence and the mediocrity of pretending to not have objection or an opinion. Not about control, but a sincere deviance from how that other person purports or pictures themselves to be.

You recognized one another. But you have no idea of how to understand who one another is.

See, when you’re equally shelled, the “other things” can keep you together. Money fixes shells. Clothes costume shells. Makeup and cosmetic work improve shells. Environments can influence shells. People can disguise and hide themselves amongst shells. You can dress up a shell to look like, be like, and blend into other shells.

Sex works, on shells. Cars and houses and trips, impress shells. Jewelry mesmerizes shells. The light, and the dark, affect the shell in certain ways. Music and tv can draw the attention of shells, rather easily. Shells can be camouflaged and manipulated to cooperate with the idealistic requirements of other shells. Shells tend to be collected and paired according to appearance. In cartons per say.

And that’s where you found the last assortment of shells you went through.

On the inside (the yolk)…

Being equally yolked means that you are intrinsically and instinctively thread by the character and value of your spirit-worth. Yolks are your true feelings, purpose, calling, and character. Not just who you are behind the mask, your yolk is who you are without it. Yolks are more than your story. Your yolk is every word and moment and encounter that creates you. Your yolk is your true intention and desire, feeling and fantasy, high and low. Your yolk is not what you say aloud. It is what you’ve not said, been afraid to say, and held in. Your yolk is your innermost collection of thoughts and reflection. Your processes and anecdotes. Your comfort zones and coping mechanisms. Your yolk is where your true identity lives. Where your absolute aspirations and perfect imaginations call home.

Shells are about attention whereas yolks are about intention. Shells are who you are in the crowd; Yolks are what you are when alone. Shells are defined by what someone sees in you. Yolks are characterized by who you see in yourself. Shells are your religion. Yolks are your spirituality.

I’ve heard it so often said that two people, in relationship, should be equally yoked. Growing up in and around the church, I’d always taken that phrase and received it analogously to the context of an egg. I always thought I was hearing the word “yolk” Y-O-L-K. And it made sense to me. Somehow I deduced it into the process of making eggs for breakfast. I would only imagine that it’d make sense to crack similar eggs to make a dish. I took the contrary to mean an extreme: you don’t want to mix fresh eggs with rotten ones. And thus I began psychoanalyzing the process in order to rectify my discomfort with the phrase I’d heard so often. Not once had I actually read the scripture to see that I was thinking of the wrong “yolk” the entire time. That’s probably what my angst and anxiety stemmed from. My spirit was telling me to go and read the words for myself, because I had the wrong idea.

But I didn’t and instead I went years working on my yolk/shell concept.

I was today years old when I read the scripture and saw that the word was “yoke” Y-O-K-E. That threw an entire flag onto my field of play. Because I know what the word “yoke” means. And in context to marriage, or relationship for that matter, I don’t like using that word one bit!

“Yoke” means harness. When I see or hear the word I think of animals and slavery. Not humans and marriage. Even if I try to accept it to represent relationship, I am quickly chastened to the reality that there is someone controlling the yoke. Someone that is not the persons under its control. And I don’t like that even more.

Plus, I don’t think that most people know that the scripture says YOKE, as opposed to YOLK.

But I digress.

And “yolk” it is.

With that, back to my point…

Most times that people say that they are “equally yolked”, they are talking about being equally shelled. “Equally shelled” does not often produce a partnership/relationship/marriage that can withstand the extreme conditions that will undoubtedly encounter your union. And quite honestly, shells can’t withstand all that pressure; They break. Being equally shelled will mean that you are both just as vulnerable and exposed to the fragility and risk that comes with such a thin layer of substance “covering” you.

I hope this is making sense. I pray that you know your yolk. That part that you’re holding beyond what we all see. I hope that you’re looking for someone to match that. After they know their own yolk. And are prepared to break through the facade and disguise to open up truly. Not just someone who is cracked and has some of the goodness seeping out.

Because ofttimes that’s what we see, and get… the seepage. The bits and pieces, the particles, the hints, the potential. The “what they could be”. The ingredients dressed as a finished meal.

And we try to digest that. Try to act like it is feeding us, satiating our appetite, satisfying our palate, soothing our hunger for the humankind.

And we eat that until we can’t pretend anymore. Or until we realize that we have a taste for the real thing. Or a desire for something/someone else. More fulfilling, more suited to our table. More in our budget. More like us. More… equal.

Someone we can yoke.

And who we don’t mind being yoked to.


I get that one now, too.

Time to eat.




Time for You.

You have a right to be you. Whatever and whoever that is. It’s Your decision. It’s Your choice.

No one gets to take that away. No one is entitled to any part of you that gives them any authority or access to do such a thing. Not without your consent.

Even in a society, or a world, that will try to convince you that you need permission, that you need a specific ally, that you need a specific group or organization, that you need a certain religion, or political party, or a team, or a school, a particular status, or belief system, a look, or a car, an outfit, or a hairstyle, or a pair of shoes…

To fit in…

Know that none of that is as important as you are. None of it. None of it means anything. Unless you give it meaning. It’s only value is the value that you determine it has.

That’s what they, whoever they are, is hoping that you never figure out. That you are the commodity. That the true currency is you! That none of that other stuff- because that’s what it is, stuff- is important. It’s actually a distraction. It’s a diversion.

It’s intended to steal your attention away from your ability to recognize what life is really about. It takes you away from acknowledging the real point of this journey. The actual reason that you are here.

You are here to have an experience. You are here to experience the full range and bandwidth of energies that are available to you. You are here for action, for adventure, for activity. Not always towards any specific purpose. Because that is your purpose. Being active in the experience, being present and aware, being available to the moment of now is why you are here.

Someone knows that. And they know that you don’t. They are counting on you not knowing. They’re expecting you to think that your bills are more important. That your mistakes are more important. That your pain is more important. That their politics and their systems and their programs are more important. They’ll have you believe that a job is more important. That everything else is more important.

And they’ll have you trade what is important, you and your time, for those things. For those insignificant and inappropriate things, they’ll have you pressed in between the binds and bondage of unreal and unrealistic commitments. They’ll trick you into feeling that you don’t measure up, that you’re not, that it’s over, that you can’t.

But that they can.

That somehow they have a right and entitlement to power that you don’t. That they have an access to resources and you don’t. That they have ownership and you don’t.

None of that is true. They know that.

They know that you’ve been betrayed by the perceptions and notions that have been presented to you so far.

They have invested their time, resources, and energy into you giving yours away.

You’ve given away your time, your resources, and your energy…

For pain. For hurt. For tragedy. For racism. For classism. For social media. For celebrity. For popularity. For likes and comments. For followers. For tradition. For religions. For corporations. For people. For materials. For a bunch of things…

Because someone told you that those things were important.

You know what is important? What is most important?
You are important.
You are that important!
You are necessary. This place isn’t meant to be suffered, or separated, or stuck. You are supposed to succeed! This place is and will only ever be anything meaningful because of who YOU are! Because you are here. This place needs you.

It needs you to BE and become. It needs you to go and keep going. It needs you to do and keep doing. It needs you to speak and keep speaking. It needs you to live and keep living. It needs you to love and keep loving. It needs you to dream and keep dreaming. It needs you to try and keep trying. It needs you to feel and keep feeling. It needs you to see and keep seeing. It needs you to learn and keep learning. It needs you to want and keep wanting.

It needs you. It needs you to be you.

Whatever you’re going through. Whatever your experience has been or is, experience it. Experience it to the full. Feel all of your feelings. Stay as long as you need to in it, and then move forward. Then create the next experience that you require to continue on your path of experience.

Along the way, you’ll connect with energies and spirits that reflect your light in a way you need to be energized and educated. Those connections will be the most profound moments of your life. Good and bad. Those connections will be the reason that you are who you become. Those connections will be the light that ignite your fire. Those connections will be the force behind your motives and intentions. Those connections will be the reason that you continue on your journey towards the point of it all.

That journey is discovery.

The point is for you to be you.

They know that.
It’s time for you to know it as well.


©️2022 Cornelious “See” Flowers

IT and YOU.

If YOU want “it”, YOU have to go for it. YOU have to do the work for it. YOU have to connect with whatever people, places, or things, have something to do with it. YOU have to study it, learn about it, and submit YOURSELF to it. YOU have to practice it. YOU have to invest in it. YOU have to believe in it.

YOU have to believe it.

YOU are going to have to see YOURSELF with it, part of it, doing it, having it, in it, as “it”.

Most importantly, YOU are going to have to be prepared to deal with everything that comes with it. With having it. With knowing it. With being it.

Because it, the “it” that YOU swear YOU want, does not come easy.

That’s what makes it special. That’s what makes it worth it. That’s how YOU will know that “it” is for YOU.


©️2022 Cornelious “See” Flowers



the court once had mammies,
now I see my Momma
with all due respect,
Congratulations, Your Honor

We in the room now!
We are in a room, how…
it should be
This day is an expectation,
of what it could be
when all Men
and Women
are seen as,
treated like,
believed in,
the same
March 4, 1789- April 7, 2022,
233+ years and one bit of change,
until today
“But what about…”,
I dare you say!
because there was nothing supreme about it,
just a prolific scheme undoubted
there’d be no blanc supremacy without it

this moment is for Mrs. Jackson,
Justice Kentanji Onyika Brown Jackson,
The First Black Woman Justice,
since you’re asking
and if you’re not,
You should
because now every little colored girl knows
that she could
and that she should
Be what-in-the-world-ever-she-chooses
like we’ve waited all this time
for this moment
and we will use it
to add voice and light
to add choice and right
to rejoice and FIGHT

the court once had mammies,
now I see my Momma
With all due respect,
Congratulations, Your Honor.


©️2022 Cornelious “See” Flowers


I no longer have feelings…
my feelings have me
hostage to not having control,
and forced to let things be

My feelings have me convinced
that I deserve to cry
I don’t deserve the guilt and shame,
I don’t deserve to die

I’ve feelings for my past abide
was it right that I maintained?
I longed for a numbness to decide
if I should ever change

the hurt and having no remorse
the habits of walking away
the reservations for possibility
the having of nothing to say

Feelings feel like nothing I’ve felt
and I am fraught with feeling fear
don’t know how to control so much,
that one feeling is clear

I’ve felt for more than otherwise
but I was stupid in my feels
because I ignored my honest truth
in my attempts to let me heal

and my feelings took that control,
convinced me to protest
so I found retreat in darkened states
to hide a heart I could not protect

running was my sound resort
even neglecting to stop for air
letting all the pain be breeze behind
I couldn’t feel what wasn’t there

until it caught up with me and fought
as fast as I’d ever seen
before I’d know anything better
I wouldn’t know what to believe

a tingle, a touch, a tear, at a time
soon enough I’d be willing to see
that the life I’d spent knowing so sure
was in fact a life nothing like me

this was the truth that had me bound
coerced into facing a mirrors eye
submerged inside of a sterile hope
that nothing was ever worth the try

because feelings have but such a life
and expire like words unmeant to say
Yet here I was pretending to not care
but harboring care in every way

the penultimate threat was love
I distasted her once, or twice before
the pendulum swinging stuck in line
with a hatred I had for knowing more

I evolved into a mess of sorts
a sensitive version of broken man
in dire need of recompense
or at least another chance


I no longer have feelings…
my feelings have me
hostage to not having control,
and forced to let things be.


©️2022 Cornelious “See” Flowers

We Still Niggers…

we still niggers
to those that won’t ever see us
no other way
but as descendants
of their heroes slaves

we still niggers
and our freedom’s won’t see light
of better days
just litigated terms
and slogan for campaign

we still niggers
that’ll never be
anything but
and forever nothing to them,
no matter what

we still niggers
sound and symbiotic suffer
living up to the low they expect
surrendering proper,
as their God says we must

we still niggers
not worth the acknowledgment
of our astonishment
being the market and the product
with no actual accomplishment

we still niggers
that accepted being nigger
spelled and pronounced different
like there was really difference,
no nigger, there isn’t.

we still niggers
because founding and forefathers
that in order for them to be,
we couldn’t

we still niggers
that keep looking
for somewhere else to be
some place other than this
and we shouldn’t.


©️2022 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Moments Are…

Moments are meant to be
more than
more than important
well-worded afterthoughts,
and sorted
into thoughts and feelings
of grace and gratitude,
conduits of attitude
and appropriate
for smiling
for creating more…

Moments are for love
reserved for lovers
of all things lovable,
especially hurts
because hurts are
what make love real
and real love is a moment
a moment that is most important
and worth every bit
of every cost
of every iota
that has to be tolled
for the story to be told

Moments are real
however unexplainable
no matter how much proof
and still within the realm of
and the neglect it takes
to be belief
and sustainable
and achieved as good
or bad with lessons attached
and batched into psychosis
of an ever so consistent optimism
of routine,
of constantly going

Moments are the worst way
to experience trauma
and to know regret
or let have power
because they’ll devour you
and over time
are hard to forget
and let go of
and gain forgiveness for
or have access to,
once they’ve been missed

Moments are the reason
that we endure
that we take our time
to breathe,
to grieve
for being sure
and overcompensating
indulging in mediocre absolutism’s
this altruistic clarity that designs
our leaves
gives us things
like clarity.


©️2022 Cornelious “See” Flowers

In the End

yesterday i had no fear
today i have regret
tomorrow shows no remorse
in the end i won’t forget

yesterday i lived
today i think too much
tomorrow doesn’t even matter
in the end was not enough

yesterday i prayed
today i proposed
tomorrow is not promised
in the end i should have chose

yesterday i imagined
today i was hesitant
tomorrow won’t recognize
in the end was no evidence

yesterday i liked
today i loved
tomorrow i will remember
in the end i was

yesterday was important
today means that much more
tomorrow is an opportunity
in the end that might occur

yesterday might have taught
today i surely learned
tomorrow i’ll know better
in the end i had my turn

yesterday was for discovery
today is my decide
tomorrow will be different
in the end i’ll be defined

yesterday i had no fear
today i have regret
tomorrow shows no remorse
in the end i won’t forget


©️2022 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Daddy (‘s) Issues

You have always been
the sun to me
my reason being
a destiny
not one bit unclean

I always wanted to
get to know you
follow you
be under you
be around you
have you proud of me

I never saw the empty bottles
nor the empty promises
nor the bags filled with regret
that you hoarded
and never forgot
like you tried to un-remember me

I thought the smell of Kool 100’s
and Old English
and outside
was independence
and unapologetic proudness
and normal

Your silence
and slow walk
and nonconforming energy
and no talk
was matter of fact and course,
and an awe inspiring force

I only saw your big feet
and big hands
and that you were tall,
everything man
an opportune example,
a chance that I could too

You had it easy
with me
You could have said
and I would have believed
that every word was true

because that’s what a father…
means to you.


©️2022 Cornelious “See” Flowers