Know…  [POEM]

Let me kiss you
like i haven’t seen you all day,
All day,

and every other

And i will hold you
the same way,

i promise

i will give anything to you
and do everything for you
experience it all with you

for as long as we are together,
to be honest

fall asleep in our clothes,
for some reason, your chaos
comforts me

i’m not wondering
so i won’t wander
deliberate decisions to deviate from distance
without ponder
i am under the act of being natural

this ain’t fiction,
just factual

something different than
what was unexpected
a heart alone should not be trusted
but this is all of my soul,
so i respect it

box marked fragile,
and i have checked it

so i touch you accordingly
gently with intention
the effort rewarding me

how does it feel to know?
beyond the amazing you ever imagined
how does it feel to go?

Can you stand the progression of better?
Are you fine with being amazed perpetually?
i will be yours
and you will be mine
All ways, Always, and Ever
i am certain of you, especially

reminding you with kisses
and consistency
hope that you’re listening.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


love is… [POEM]

love is
watching her grow


being watered
and attended to
and mended too

she was due

love is

the time it took, the patience
a calendar of seasons,
the waiting

guarding her best interest
from near and afar
the whole time
aligning almanacs and stars

she was planted before me
i, just handed the responsibility…

love is
how you make time
seem moot
getting her to barefoot,
from boots

all the socks she’s worn in-between
some for comfort
some weren’t clean
some had holes
some were never seen

love is
me wanting to see her toes
and being fine with tasting them
the wine of her grapes organically grown
no sense in wasting them

never done that before

love is
weathering the storm
an appreciation of the forecast,
no whether it’s warm
but warning her to prepare
being not vulnerable to go it alone,
because i will be there


for even spring has its share of cold
and the summer won’t always present clear
there will always be an opportune precipitous cloud,
rain should produce hope, not fear

and then there is the winter
after the greatest fall ever,
we enter

love is

the explanation
talking about everything along the way,
the destination

every seed produces fruit
love is knowing how to eat it,
straight from the ground,
or as juice
the process depends on you

love is
serving her
in balance
and maintaining my effort
in challenge

even after time,

Love is so patient,

Love is ever so kind

and she is love.

love is mine.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

For Keeps…  [POEM]

Remind me that you love me, 
and how much you love me, 

and that you’re so in love with me…
And show that i’m your only one…

And that there is no one else…

that there is 

something different about us

And that it helps…

And that you 

do not want or wish 

to be without me…

Keep mentioning 

how good you feel 

about me, 

and with me

and how special I am 

to you, 

and for you…
And say that you mean these things…

And will…
Keep touching me

Keep kissing me
Keep feeding me
Keep needing me
Keep teaching me
Keep surprising me

Keep calling

Keep sending me messages 

Keep bugging me

Keep coming over

Keep wanting to be here

Keep talking to me

Keep staying near

Keep holding my hands

Keep giving me that look…
that challenges 

that balances

that is alkaline 

and true
That says, “i know”

that goes without saying 

that is why i believe in you
Keep sharing your story, 

Keep listening to mine

Keep going all the way with me

and we’ll be just fine.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Synonymous…   [POEM]

*Randumb Thought*

I’m just tired

of talking,
having to say it,
having to imagine it,
having to believe and hope,
for it…

I just want to have it.
I want to be it,
and receive it,
know it,
be able to trust it,
to be part of it.

I want it to be known,

Safe. Secure. Significant.

I want to be proud of it,
and likewise
I want it to be proud of me…

Let’s call it peace.
Or happiness.
Or right.
Or well.
Or love.
Or wealth.
Or good.

Or, Her.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Thought for the Moment {6/13}

Important, to Choose…

If you want it to be IMPORTANT, then that’s what it is.
If you make it IMPORTANT, then that’s what it will be.

You VALUING it is ENOUGH for you to DEMAND that what YOU DEEM IMPORTANT is to be recognized/respected as such; ESPECIALLY concerning and CONSIDERING YOURSELF!

Just know that YOU have to reciprocate such a belief/idea just as much as YOU require/request it. YOU have to know that people have IMPORTANCES that they use to function/forward themselves, as well. Even as insignificant or minute as YOU may think their “things” are, they DESERVE the same consideration as YOU/YOURS.

No matter what.

There is a tightrope of managed discipline that is required to navigate through the pools of sensitive and sordid egos. People have feelings. DIFFERENT FEELINGS. And hurts and pasts and quirks and MASKS! And temperaments and temporary attitudes and moments of clarity and issues and REAL STUFF happening in their lives. And it’s all IMPORTANT to them. And YOU “not giving a care”, well that only makes YOU far less important to them and their “stuff”.

That’s IMPORTANT to know.

There is no blanket meter for rating the significance or standard by which an individual measures the gravity of life’s nuances. This life is FULL of enough. There is enough of EVERYTHING and the truth is that what you can/cannot deal with, there is someone else that will/won’t. And just as well, there is someone preparing or prepared to effectively and enthusiastically entertain YOUR issues. Someone thinks that what YOU think is really important is really important!

But that doesn’t mean right, nor does it make for perfect. It just means agreement, more times than not it means agreement for the sake of not arguing as opposed to for resolution. It’s not always black & white. It’s normally a mercurial assortment of spectral arrangements akin to the aftermath of a great painters master work. It looks good, but there was quite a mess made!

The real challenge, and fun (if you ask me) is the made decision to take on the charge of being able to unapologetically pursue your own happiness -by virtue of celebrating the IMPORTANT that YOU are- while being able to learn the language and practices of the ones you know and love. Committing yourself to help someone, dedicating yourself to serve someone, intentionally staying by the side of someone that your gut tells you is worth being stuck by. Because it all boils down to Safety, Security, and Significance. And those three things comprise the base materials for every persons idea of IMPORTANT. The caveat is knowing how perspective influences the meaning of words to each individual’s personal experience. We may see the same thing, just not the same way. So what ‘safety’ is for one may not be ‘safety’ for someone else. And the truth is that we all get to define ourselves. We get to associate and attach as we see fit. That gives us value, it gives us worth, it makes us IMPORTANT!!!

And it is a choice…

You get to want what you want. But you have to pay for it. And it’s probably going to cost you. Can you afford it? Can you spend the time/energy/emotion/attention or money that is required to obtain what you desire? Do you understand that you will be billed by the second, in the moment, payment due upon receipt of the thought? Do you have the resources? Can you maintain the payments? Can you maintain a positive attitude in the presence of what may be dubious circumstances or situations that present themselves almost seemingly to deter/detour/distract you from being consistent? Can you appreciate that just like you are “dealing with stuff” so is EVERYONE else?

And what’s most IMPORTANT is what is MOST important…

Whatever you decide that to be!


what words… [POEM]

what words say ‘stay’
like, “i don’t know what to do without you”
how can there be some-one or thing else for me
when every thought is about you

talk about fortune,
which gain is worth the price?
for as long as can be lived
such will be my life
much ado is like…

pillow talk on folded arms
silhouettes as you leave
anxiety from a thought born mine,
why won’t you breathe?
a torture that i don’t see

if time escapes, can there still be free
if you can wait, can it still be me?

what words say ‘sorry’
like, “i don’t know what I’m doing”
there must be a chance to make it,
that i don’t want to ruin

this life we live,
such an iffy way to be
and all i know is independence,
being alone for no reason be
i know that all you see, is…

half-assed effort to convince you
while i trust you to know my heart
holding on just a little while longer,
spiritually begging you not to part

if time escapes, can there still be free
if you can wait, can it still be me?

what words say ‘silly’
like, “i thought this was forever”
knowing how fickle people are,
i should have known better.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Facing Fears… [POEM]

please mind my noise,
stay through my quiet
feel where i have grown numb
calm down my riot

with me

ignore that i know so much
expect of me the same
hide my truth within your powers,
just take away my pain

love me like you know any better
find me worth the work
stay sound amidst the rage of current
until hurting you starts to hurt

forgive that i ain’t like they wasn’t
sort of a same kind of different
talk me through to the other side
pretend that i don’t listen

have pity on a broken soul
that lost it’s way before
give time a chance to make me better
and help me to the door.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

picturing you… [POEM]

i want everything
and nothing
from you,
and only you
and what you want,
i want that too
and how that manifests
well, whatever it takes,
i want to do
as a duo
just us two
formed anew
as we form a group,
that consists of
the particulars of your peace
and all things true
I want to stay by your side
until you move
to follow my lead
that is inspired by you
and i want a cypher
that deciphers my “I don’t knows”
into more than context clues
information you can use
to prove to yourself
and every one else
why you decided to choose…

i WANT to love you
and i WILL
as i DO
a garden guarded by your goddessness
consciously providing nourishment,
and lifefood,
is what I am planting
in the soil are handmade grooves
i deliberately chose this spot
it was written,
as well bemused
by fickle farmers former,
with temporary truths
so i came here to work
dedication previously unfamiliar,
i am unmoved
weathering whether or water
i won’t lose,
what i am after
is present
presenting a happily-ever-after
as a presence before me,


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers