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she is… [POEM]

she is the love child
of wrong and right
the mistake of mischief,
the song of life
she is what happens
when a soul is set free
such the reason for chains
and why trust doth not be
she is how to explain light
to a dark colored past
and how to express hope
in a world dying fast
she is what goes awry
for lack of her aim
the distance between points
and the mess that remains
she is more to the story
than what was said to be true
yet an untold rendition
that a mystery proved
she is just like the others
that no one could figure
an ambient source
a light under flicker
she is terrible with time
less her moment is near
and thus she is punctual
to the vestige of fear
she is why you write poems
how words come to breath
all that is gone
and everything left
she is how I see love
why my heart grows content
for knowing her once
was a life worth, and spent.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Speak my mind… [POEM]

We love
to love
In the company of anticipation,
saying things like,
wait for me

A flicker now a flame,
that became
burning towards one another
the same
embers that destroy
any attempt to flee
no one ignites you,
like me,
says she

Long pauses
and withdrawal
and belongings
strewn about our past
they last

Inadvertent opinions
by the plenty,
thoughts and dreams
that seem so real
for the way they feel

And still no one
to replace
the pain
nor the pleasure
no one has found
your trouble
or your treasure
like me,
says she

escaped into
that enthralled
our curiosity
to believe
that we
were either
to be
but definitely
a measure,
in between

A clarity,
one of us a drug
the other of us,
a fiend
a jones about this fix,
but hooked,
on such this thing
and it’s obvious
like she says,
we can’t fight this,
this is need

So we play distance
like its free
paying a cost,
to be
the one
that got away,

like me.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Write for You… [POEM]

I want to write for you
play the sound of these words
loud and verbatim,
until you hate them
until you make them memory
and remember me

I want to write for you
a serenading sound that rhymes
and lies to you vividly
like feel good music
on bad days
and a melody
that helps you escape,
the misery

I want to write for you
personal touches
and subtle nuances
untold secrets
and hurt that do unto others
like only music can do

give me your attention,
I want to write for you

I want to write for you
arrange a great array of piece
compose a concerto
and speak
through my instrument
wet your palette
for my music
so that you choose it,

I want to write for you,

I want to write for you

I want to write for you
bass lines
and strings
percussions that bring life
and verbiage that means
until you are near it

I’ve written a song for you,
come hear it

A song about that first night
of passing by
me wanting your attention
you asking why
and how we played
like a back and forth sonnet,
a deceptive honesty
a tragic romance,
as we frolicked over both,
snares and stares

an audience of our own being,

I wrote a song about it…

an instrumental,
a rhythm awaiting your tune,
a theme song,
for our motion picture,

Come sing it with me,

the words that I write for you
in chorus
and harmony
for us,
to the sound of free
muted for no reason,
but to savor the sound
of a better noise,
our heartbeats
dancing against the tempo
of our bodies,

When we sing.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers