Write for You… [POEM]

I want to write for you
play the sound of these words
loud and verbatim,
until you hate them
until you make them memory
and remember me

I want to write for you
a serenading sound that rhymes
and lies to you vividly
like feel good music
on bad days
and a melody
that helps you escape,
the misery

I want to write for you
personal touches
and subtle nuances
untold secrets
and hurt that do unto others
like only music can do

give me your attention,
I want to write for you

I want to write for you
arrange a great array of piece
compose a concerto
and speak
through my instrument
wet your palette
for my music
so that you choose it,

I want to write for you,

I want to write for you

I want to write for you
bass lines
and strings
percussions that bring life
and verbiage that means
until you are near it

I’ve written a song for you,
come hear it

A song about that first night
of passing by
me wanting your attention
you asking why
and how we played
like a back and forth sonnet,
a deceptive honesty
a tragic romance,
as we frolicked over both,
snares and stares

an audience of our own being,

I wrote a song about it…

an instrumental,
a rhythm awaiting your tune,
a theme song,
for our motion picture,

Come sing it with me,

the words that I write for you
in chorus
and harmony
for us,
to the sound of free
muted for no reason,
but to savor the sound
of a better noise,
our heartbeats
dancing against the tempo
of our bodies,

When we sing.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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