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No Words… [POEM]

There are no words
for friendships
that turn into more
yet become something worse
than what was before
or either could afford

And now it hurts

realizing that it doesn’t work
or couldn’t be
had things been different
or more like imagined
if being human is imperfect,
then why shouldn’t we

keep it like it was

people say what they should
when they have to
and act like they care
when they are backed in
forced to make choices
or hear how bad it is

Something about torn hearts

and about being torn apart
chased into choosing
Loving and Losing
or settling for perceptions

while love rests on a wind

Playing miss them again
there are no mistakes,
just misdirections
so a disagreement is chance,
Kiss them again

and blame it on such youth

Truth is that love is ever lost
until it finds you
grieving is how it is approached,
until the time proves
that you never get over them

or you win through it,
what you lose

Distance speaks a language
and says what is right
makes sense in the morning
feels terrible during the night
and is crazy either way

because once in a lifetime
is a stupid game to play
where forever only happens
when you know no other way

and there are no words,
to explain it.

©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Decidedly… [POEM]

without you
I still find ways
to make it
about you
that drag along
since we’ve seen
one another
seem so long
and far apart
but I find myself
how much I remember
and your heart
the way you
opened it up for me
to start
and how I make a mess
every time

the darkest days
behind us
my troubled ways
only there to remind me
of the sighs
that accompany
the silence
that sneaks upon us
in between
the heavy breathing
when I’m leaving
with no return date
but you wait
every time

a promise
to do nothing more
than change
for the better
not find myself
somewhere else
for whatever
especially not
for something better
when I could have
done that a long time ago
or never
but you let me
every time

a conclusion
that I’ve come to
is that
I know
what I want
and you have
no reason
to leave me
I’m worth being
believed in…

Every time.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers