Decidedly… [POEM]

without you
I still find ways
to make it
about you
that drag along
since we’ve seen
one another
seem so long
and far apart
but I find myself
how much I remember
and your heart
the way you
opened it up for me
to start
and how I make a mess
every time

the darkest days
behind us
my troubled ways
only there to remind me
of the sighs
that accompany
the silence
that sneaks upon us
in between
the heavy breathing
when I’m leaving
with no return date
but you wait
every time

a promise
to do nothing more
than change
for the better
not find myself
somewhere else
for whatever
especially not
for something better
when I could have
done that a long time ago
or never
but you let me
every time

a conclusion
that I’ve come to
is that
I know
what I want
and you have
no reason
to leave me
I’m worth being
believed in…

Every time.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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