Excerpt …

… Using the ministries of guilt and shame, with the methods of judgement and accusation, on the mission to control and confuse will no longer move the agenda and attitude as it has before. We are informed now, we have technology and tools that give us the ability to discover resources and reference that allow us immediate access to fact and truth. We can now operate on a level playing field of debate and dialogue as we filter the information and history that was once used to mislead and misrepresent us. “Business as usual” will no longer be protocol nor protected by the ignorance and incompetence of an unknowing people, because now we know better. We are prepared for a different fight now, physically and with our orchestrated voices, effectively towards the championing of our cause, of our purpose. The manipulation and withholding of opportunity and options that was once the practice and preference of our “masters”, though still prevalent and productive to their promise, is yet being dealt significant blows by the freedoms and fervent energy of a much more aligned dynamic of youth. The prowess and potential of today’s generation of student is and will be for the foreseeable future, able to generate and advance a superbly profound movement of energy and exercise once educated. The speeds of this time empower a force to be reckoned with, recognized, and ultimately respected for its passion and platform. It will shake the foundation of the former establishment to its core. The once comfortable nature of leadership will soon, as it has already begun to, find itself desperate to legislate and mandate policy and/or law intent on maintaining its distorted functions of justice. It’s old familiar reliance on religion as headquarters for its model of empowerment and grandiose scheme, fictitiously deployed to oppress and condemn under the guise of a much specifically designed God, will die soon. The veil has been lifted, the “Wizard of Oz” has been exposed, his true identity revealed.



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