Perspective (in regards to support)

“… It is sad how desperately we find ourselves thirsty for the hydration of love and support from people, especially related or familiar, who we feel deserted us; Even as we stand vulnerable to the ocean of love and care that now abounds and avails itself to us, filled to the meters, a sea of supporters and caregivers, obligated only by intention to fill the gaps and gaping holes of our most empty ambitions. Instead of immersing ones self in this or any new reality, so many of us partake and feed from the dry culture and tradition of pain and torment that comes with holding on to the notions and naivety of what loyalty and trust are traditionally with those we know, knew, or feel should have known, rather than what they are possible to develop into potentially, with these new people. We hold on far too long, or give up reluctantly, letting go with a resistance that causes friction and frustration to our faith and forward progress. We want what is by title and definition “ours”, consistent with idea and imagination that is or has been inspired by the offspring of habit, routine, and common practice. We don’t close doors behind us because we expect to be followed into this isolation by a legion of admirers for us, seeking our place and personal value as a vital and required asset and desired source. We want to be wanted by the people, places, and things that we want and this philosophy and/or perpetration is often the solely responsible factor in our sordid and mediocre method of communication or movement.
It is a problem that undermines all things pure and potential, but it is an understood evil. It is well identified and defended by the truths and tales of redemption, of reflex, of recovery. Success, of the financial or personal sort, is sure to validate this premise…”




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