Sell that sh*t …

I’m going to give you some of the realest advice that you will ever get:

Look around. Look at the money. Look at the trends. Look at what’s popular. Look at what is fashionable. Look at what is valued. Look at what is recognized. Look at what is respected. Look at what is desired. Look at what is “hot” right now.

The past. Old sh*t. They are making a killing on old sh*t. That’s my advice, make the past work for you. Make YOUR PAST WORK FOR YOU! Make what you’ve gone through, endured, settled-for, lived… Make that sh*t popular. Brand it. SPEAK IT! Profit from it. Be your own vintage. Rock your own “retro”. “Kill ’em” with how you survived. Tell YOUR story. SELL your story. STOP FOLLOWING where YOU SHOULD BE LEADING! Stop listening where YOU SHOULD BE TALKING! Stop thinking, START DOING! YOU have earned YOU, so live that sh*t. SAY that sh*t! BE THAT SH*T!

(Pardon my language but I can not censor my feelings, thoughts, and/or words any longer on this subject; Sometimes in order to find out what is right or wrong, you have to just DO, right or wrong.)

I’ve been hurt more by “good” people and helped more by the “bad” influences. I’ve received less judgement from the “hood niggaz” than I have from the “high priest” of our society. I’ve been acknowledged by them all but those who have outwardly, boldly, and consistently “accepted” me have been those who are not “accepted”. The calls and emails or messages I get constantly to return to the stage or to continue my encouraging words or to stay on my journey are more from people that you’d never expect or assume to have such an appetite for standards, morals, or spiritual guidance. But they do and they recognize the authenticity of who you are. My dad once told me that I couldn’t “bullsh*t a bullsh*tter”. I get it now. You can’t bullsh*t the streets. You can’t bullsh*t humanity. You can’t bullsh*t the ones that have always had “bullsh*t” to deal with. They see it, they’ve heard it. They know how it feels. Religion can’t bullsh*t spirituality. Period.

But hey, that’s my issue, this note is about my advice to you. And my advice to you is my advice to me today, LIVE! Figure it out by FIGURING IT OUT! Learn the way that you should have went by going one way or another. Trust the process. Trust that the process was sufficient. Trust. Yes, TRUST! TRUST YOU! By trusting yourself you can begin to identify, recognize, understand, face, and forgive YOURSELF! Then you will be able to do that to and for others. For you. Then by your example you will live and lead the example that will infect and affect those around you for the better. I believe that “right” will prevail once “right” is revealed. It’s not all “right” though. Everything that we have been told/shown has not been nor is it “right”. Some of it has been what was “best” for whomever thought it best to use it to manipulate, control, oppress, limit, hinder, distract, detour, and/or profit off of those whom had to suffer the subjection to such ideological “right”.

The avenue, the platform, the access, the medium, and the resources are all available and primed for the advantage of being utilized for good of doing the right thing. It is time for YOU to do what is “right”, no bullsh*t. You are right, YOU ARE NEEDED, YOU ARE NECESSARY! There is a market for YOU! By being exposed, by exposing YOURSELF, you will discover what is right, what is good. You know what you know and you only know more by learning. You learn by experience. You gain experience through exercise. Your exercise is your example. Sometimes the best example for you is the one you set. And that’s the one that you can sell! Someone needs to see it. Someone is buying someone else’s past because they haven’t bought into their own and that is because you aren’t selling yours!

Put that sh*t out! Get that sh*t out of YOU!


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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