There is a fire inside of you. There is a passion that burns with intensity and desire inside of you. There is something waiting to be ignited and set ablaze in your mind, in your heart, and in your spirit. You can feel it. You have been feeling it for some time now. You are ready to burn. You are ready to catch the right flicker of momentum and turn that spark into an inferno that fans outwardly toward your goals, dreams, and destiny. You are ready to erupt.
Well, this is the accelerant, this message is going to serve as the match that lights the candle, that lights the fireplace, that lights the forest…
And know that the only one who can put the fire out is YOU! Maybe that’s what you’ve been doing all long, dousing your own flames. Well STOP THAT, and stop inviting people -who have nothing to add to your fire- into YOUR furnace. They’re smothering it. Their pouring water on it. They are stomping it out. It is time for you to burn! BURN!



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