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Who Said… [POEM]

Who said
that God said
or was it God
that said who?

Was it God
that said what
or was it man
that said you?

Would God need
or would God want
why would God
if God was so?

Where would God
or would it matter
but couldn’t God
have said no?

When would God
if such was is
have needed to
have it as this?

What kind of God
would that have been
unless a God
was not He is?

But God was just
as God had so
and left to man
to guess.

For God had known
that man would find
a different God
who said it best.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Us as God… [POEM]

God was once
until somebody told him
to go away
and He stayed

and so the war came
and hearts got lost
in agenda
and lies got tossed
in amendment
and souls went to find God

far from where He was
or where He is always
so they pretended upon walls
within hallways
and good books
and on the tongues
of good crooks
or somehow in hair texture
or good looks…


God was once
and somehow became
a meaning to
and in the maintenance of
His creation
like as God
He is waiting
or meaning to

As if God
was meaning to fix
or depend on faith
or ignore innocent babies dying
or say
that thou shall not

be God
as God had intended
before God was interrupted
or ascending

into the darkness

God hardly needed
a story
to make Him seem
more God-like
but somehow
He became a character
whom we embarrassed
for being God-like

like we do to every God
that decides
to be ours.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Our Father, or not… [POEM]


Because not every intention
turns into action
and sometimes a mess
remains a mess,
quite matter-of-factly

don’t always translate to great
hope might often be hurt
need will sometimes be late,
or never at all
and “supposed to had” risen,
might fall

A responsibility
can be abandoned
and a role can fall short
what some might treat as game,
some perceive sport
for one, be it rule
for another, be it fool
for both, be it court

Unheralded accomplishment
purpose versus pressure
either way of roads traveled
lead to journeyed lesson

Love is an uneven trade
a bar greased and left to bare
only the prepared shall survive
and even them,
sometimes unfair

food on a table
a check in the mail
an attendance on the sideline
a balance of the scales

or not

Or a reason why

or not

Or a try

or not

Bad examples lead
to better stories
and become motivation
for a beaming glory

just like hurt feelings
become kept promises
and well told lies
become traits of honesty
and probable, becomes probably

History teaches
that no man is perfect
but a chance towards perfection
makes investing in every little boy worth it
because he might grow to be different
than what fate considered deserving
and he might do differently
what was his only way of learning

and he will leave no slack in the line
but that needed to bait
and he will carry into his wellspring
the full bounty of grace

and a mothers pillow will
only soak in tears of self
would be a perfect dream
if wished upon itself
but things often change
than what we did perceive
so mother may have to mother
more than she once believed

or not

Because maybe daddy will stay

or not

Or maybe just explain

or not

Or maybe just refrain
from being Daddy

or not

and thus quite the opposite
can be motive for accomplishment

And so steps can be taken
and steps made
and steps can become titles
and steps laid
and steps can lead the way
from bad days

… stepdad can serve
just as well,
and sometimes much better
the past says


Ugly ties
and macaroni plaques
are no selector of persons
they come with the respect

so long as the mentor
is no meant to be
then brothers
and uncles,
all men can be the fathers

Or not

and instead
an image or an inspiration
will drive forward the cause
and God will be our Father,
a just Father to us all…


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

YOU, finish it!

I always hear people say:

“God ain’t finished with me yet.”

Yes, He is. God was finished with you when you were started. If you believe in God then you have to understand that it’s already been done. All of the good, all of the great, all of the glory. God’s plan, will, and vision for your life was made clear and complete before your birth.

Are YOU finished with YOU yet?

God’s plan is perfect. It’s up to you to discover it and walk in it. It’s up to you to realize it. God doesn’t walk around patrolling the universe like some crossing guard to protect you, or hold your hand as you travel the crossroads of life! God has ALWAYS and ALREADY protected you. You have to know that, hold your head up, and walk boldly in the direction of YOUR destiny!

Prayer doesn’t acquaint you with God, prayer aligns you with God. God is and has always been where God is. You shift, you’ve shifted. God doesn’t break from us, He doesn’t separate from us, He doesn’t abandon us. God exists for us. He has left, for us, every word and way to get us closer to the reflection of Himself that is US.

THINGS HAPPEN. Things that are not God. Things that have absolutely nothing to do with God but for the fact that God is the creator, the Genesis, the beginning, the Father, of all things. God started it and God set it into motion but every step or wayward bump outside of smooth sailing, is not to be blamed on Him, nor is every “good” thing to be attributed to Him. A lot of it is YOU. Most of it is YOU. God planned and purposed it that way. God designed it that way.

So is God finished with you? Yes, He is. To say that God is not finished with anything would be to render Him less than God. Why would He not be finished? How could He not be finished?
The story of Christ, before He ascends into the new realm and leaves this earth, so declared, “It is finished”, and this it was.

So the real question is:

Are YOU finished with YOU?

And the answer to that is what you perceive and realize to be God’s plan and will for YOUR life. And whether you become or just be, whether you do or choose not to, that is only a piece and part of God’s ultimate and inevitable scheme. All things, YES, ALL THINGS, work for good towards what God has already declared! You have to experience YOUR specific and unique journey according to however YOU are so inclined to do such.
Whatever dream, idea, thought, feeling, hope, want, wish, or desire that pulls at your heart and pokes at your mind is the promise that God completed it possible within YOU. And He has provided every resource, provision, and tool, necessary for YOU to do it. But He isn’t running the race for YOU, nor is He standing at a start or finish line at your beckon to see it done.
God is the starting line and the finish line, God is the race.

But if YOU are not finished with you then YOU have something or something more to do! YOU have to get up, YOU have to fight, YOU have to survive! YOU have to win.


Until it’s finished!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers