Our Father, or not… [POEM]


Because not every intention
turns into action
and sometimes a mess
remains a mess,
quite matter-of-factly

don’t always translate to great
hope might often be hurt
need will sometimes be late,
or never at all
and “supposed to had” risen,
might fall

A responsibility
can be abandoned
and a role can fall short
what some might treat as game,
some perceive sport
for one, be it rule
for another, be it fool
for both, be it court

Unheralded accomplishment
purpose versus pressure
either way of roads traveled
lead to journeyed lesson

Love is an uneven trade
a bar greased and left to bare
only the prepared shall survive
and even them,
sometimes unfair

food on a table
a check in the mail
an attendance on the sideline
a balance of the scales

or not

Or a reason why

or not

Or a try

or not

Bad examples lead
to better stories
and become motivation
for a beaming glory

just like hurt feelings
become kept promises
and well told lies
become traits of honesty
and probable, becomes probably

History teaches
that no man is perfect
but a chance towards perfection
makes investing in every little boy worth it
because he might grow to be different
than what fate considered deserving
and he might do differently
what was his only way of learning

and he will leave no slack in the line
but that needed to bait
and he will carry into his wellspring
the full bounty of grace

and a mothers pillow will
only soak in tears of self
would be a perfect dream
if wished upon itself
but things often change
than what we did perceive
so mother may have to mother
more than she once believed

or not

Because maybe daddy will stay

or not

Or maybe just explain

or not

Or maybe just refrain
from being Daddy

or not

and thus quite the opposite
can be motive for accomplishment

And so steps can be taken
and steps made
and steps can become titles
and steps laid
and steps can lead the way
from bad days

… stepdad can serve
just as well,
and sometimes much better
the past says


Ugly ties
and macaroni plaques
are no selector of persons
they come with the respect

so long as the mentor
is no meant to be
then brothers
and uncles,
all men can be the fathers

Or not

and instead
an image or an inspiration
will drive forward the cause
and God will be our Father,
a just Father to us all…


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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