Us as God… [POEM]

God was once
until somebody told him
to go away
and He stayed

and so the war came
and hearts got lost
in agenda
and lies got tossed
in amendment
and souls went to find God

far from where He was
or where He is always
so they pretended upon walls
within hallways
and good books
and on the tongues
of good crooks
or somehow in hair texture
or good looks…


God was once
and somehow became
a meaning to
and in the maintenance of
His creation
like as God
He is waiting
or meaning to

As if God
was meaning to fix
or depend on faith
or ignore innocent babies dying
or say
that thou shall not

be God
as God had intended
before God was interrupted
or ascending

into the darkness

God hardly needed
a story
to make Him seem
more God-like
but somehow
He became a character
whom we embarrassed
for being God-like

like we do to every God
that decides
to be ours.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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