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Relationship (Notes)…

The best relationship is the one where y’all can actually RELATE! Like, the two of you KNOW one another because you learned and studied to gain the wisdom of how to treat/deal with/care for/love on/trust in/be trusted by/respect/appreciate/build/build with/acknowledge/honor/protect/be loyal to/be committed to/ be faithful to/understand/challenge/grow/push/motivate/drive/inspire/parent with/share with/be responsible for/regard/consider/plan with/plant with/grow with/succeed with one another. And there is so much more.

The REAL relationships don’t just make it when things are good, when there is money, when there is a crowd, when everyone is watching, when the weather is perfect. The REAL relationships survive the quiet, navigate through and get better through the storm, figure out how to handle and respect the hardships and trials. The REAL relationships communicate through it all. Whether they talk it out, hug it out, cry it out, pray it out, plan it out, THEY WORK IT OUT TOGETHER. These are the relationships that survive. Because they’ve earned being fought for. Because they have value aside of temporal and trivial desires. They matter more. They mean something more TO BOTH PARTNERS. There is more than a sense and notion towards the consistency. They strive to be solid. They acknowledge and understand the peace in that. They are backed by love BUT they are maintained by THE WORK! By the effort! By the energy put forth.

The REAL relationships aren’t always on the same PAGE but they are ALWAYS working towards the same ENDING of the same BOOK. So any disagreement/argument/critique/criticism/issue is always handled with this in mind: We may not always “agree” but WE HAVE AGREED that nothing is too big or to hard for our own selfish desires to humble and acknowledge that we may be wrong or uninformed or unaware of and able to constructively work through. REAL LOVE and REAL RELATIONSHIPS acknowledge this and accept that this is the law that must be abided by. Because there will always be a reason or excuse to walk away or give up but the reason to stay is worth doing just that.

And then know this… THE RIGHT MATE, PARTNER, SPOUSE is absolutely worth surrendering, sacrificing, and settling for. That is what you have to do in order to remove the pass and access that exposes you to temptation or “options” outside of your committed relationship. The Safety/Security/Significance of your union requires and depends on you choosing and standing/staying by YOUR choice. And when two people have this as the mandate of their hearts/minds/souls then what follows is the kind of symbiosis that supports and provides FOREVER BLISS, “happily ever after”, REAL!

It is a process. It is work. It requires your attention, your strength, your compassion, your ALL, your EVERYTHING, from BOTH OF YOU, continuously.

It will work IF YOU DO THE WORK and keep working so that it works out…

Can you RELATE?


©2018 Cornelious “See” Flowers


attempt at… [POEM]

there is an emptiness
a space left after you
a hole filled with something else’s
just something else’s,
and there is nothing left to do
but feel the void
i escaped assurance
for the sake of paranoid
more questions than your questions
i’m somewhat skeptical
so my mind offers suggestions

i should stop thinking
or start drinking
a vice would suffice
when what’s left won’t get me right
lest i repeat a cycle
practice for the recital
i bet this excites you
that i’m not so well
and you can tell

here’s this image
this unfortunate blemish
this wickedness seeming to exist
and an audacity to remiss
suppose a heart had its own way
unabated by the brain
immune of sorts to possibility
and ignorant to change
but we’d still have been the same
i, part of the problem
you, part of the game

i would do it another way
juxtaposition in accord with healing,
somewhat disdain for the result,
the whole thing could have been,

where is the redemption
does mistake qualify exemption?
maybe there was good reason
validation for an attempt
when all is well upon all is gone
i was there all along
not to leave for the sake of indelible
this thirst is almost edible
absolutely incredible
i am still here,

Where are you…


©2017 Cornelious “See” Flowers

buy-polar…  [POEM]

i get to ask you questions
and i demand answers,
i deserve truth
because i love myself
now that i’ve learned to
forget that i yearn you
no hurt is worth me losing faith
the sun brings forth life
but it burns too
and i’d rather live
so i’m giving myself a right to
with or without you,
depending on how i feel
based on how you comport
even more so on what you conceal
so i’ll let you heal
fall apart without me
blame me if you need to
it doesn’t matter what i say
as long as you believe you
perception becomes reality
when you allow it to seem to.


©2017 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Pray’er…   [POEM]

a non-fiction faith
in the God to my liking
i am open for closure
match dun got to striking
free from that prison
unchained of the Christ
i am unapologetically human
lost my religion in a heist
now bound to a spirit
that allows for my yearning
redeemed by a savior
much akin to my learning
in love with a woman
for no other reason than right
an imperfect shade of darkness
given meaning by her light
the guilt and shame of history
no longer haunts me so
i am proud to my process,
having a figured way to go
finding life within the scriptures
and a living beyond those walls
per the moment i am grateful
sort of happy for the fall
abundance comes in flavors
i have tasted colors sweet
a wrinkle in my armor
now becomes a sort of pleat
for deciding left me choice-less
ignorance paid me well
the misfortune of my treasure
was a secret not to tell
yet angels save me sunder
favor perpetually endured
of all my ill and sickness,
my stubborn yet uncured
that death has done me part
a many times before
but born within the turmoil
has been a tabulating score
still praying towards forgiveness
but forgetting to forget
instead i give my worship
to the impulse of content
forsake not the assembly
but pursue not their praise
let bygones be thy gone
and dare not be afraid
i have told myself of greater
if i listen it will be
if i say then that shall happen
if i am, then who is He?
self reported my asylum
a refugee of war
i escaped the said appointment
unexpected at the door
so when master comes a knocking
i will answer to the cue
i, myself, am who i choose to be
to prove me different, who are you?


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

A once in awhile away… [POEM]

by random chance
that you might foresee
somehow, someway
a naught to be

at least of course
if such was more
for reason being
excuse galore

does not one know
has yet been seen
profoundly spoken
just to mean

for goodness sake
if not for me
that once in awhile
you’d set self free

and live in spite
no matter what
knowing no end
‘less after us.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

in memorandum…   [POEM]

the annals of my memory
recall you vividly
the angles of our history
would call you symmetry

i wish you were here

i have lost touch with my own sense
numb to the feeling of going
been mad without you ever since
feeling somewhat punished for knowing

i wonder if you wondered so

death brings to life so many things
darkness has known of lighting the way
there is a beautiful in this ugliness,
the silence has its own things to say

i pray you know the unknown now

what restitution must i offer for peace
i have given all to take nothing with
you went away more to say the least
and now every dream begins in if

i believe you meant well.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Hue-Man…   [POEM]

there are insecure men
who have no reason to be sure
for lack of own esteem
the disease of hate becomes cure

sensitive creature
to the touch, to his own pride
flammable ego
but not enough, to his own side

a saddened case,
pardoned and pitied
not able to strength
he is suctioned to titties

paranoid thoughts
insatiable fears
the most unfortunate feelings,
mistaken as cheers

the color of grey,
dark blues, and red
choosing to negate,
start feuds, instead

there are insecure men
who have no reason to be sure
for lack of own esteem
the disease of hate becomes cure.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

sums…   [POEM]

some days are just for being down
some nights won’t let you sleep
some time will choose to standstill
some pains are yours to keep

some words just won’t be heeded
some thoughts are not to be
some scars don’t have a story
some feelings choose to flee

some weather ain’t for long shirts
some pretty ain’t for view
some love ain’t for staying with
some happy ain’t for you

some memories leave us tarnished
some dreams are only that
some potential will stay imagined
some opinions are only facts

some hours last forever
some minutes, come and gone
somehow you’re still surviving
some way, right or wrong.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers