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Hue-Man…   [POEM]

there are insecure men
who have no reason to be sure
for lack of own esteem
the disease of hate becomes cure

sensitive creature
to the touch, to his own pride
flammable ego
but not enough, to his own side

a saddened case,
pardoned and pitied
not able to strength
he is suctioned to titties

paranoid thoughts
insatiable fears
the most unfortunate feelings,
mistaken as cheers

the color of grey,
dark blues, and red
choosing to negate,
start feuds, instead

there are insecure men
who have no reason to be sure
for lack of own esteem
the disease of hate becomes cure.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

sums…   [POEM]

some days are just for being down
some nights won’t let you sleep
some time will choose to standstill
some pains are yours to keep

some words just won’t be heeded
some thoughts are not to be
some scars don’t have a story
some feelings choose to flee

some weather ain’t for long shirts
some pretty ain’t for view
some love ain’t for staying with
some happy ain’t for you

some memories leave us tarnished
some dreams are only that
some potential will stay imagined
some opinions are only facts

some hours last forever
some minutes, come and gone
somehow you’re still surviving
some way, right or wrong.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Wish I was there… [POEM]

In that moment
should have been what you wanted
to be far away, to have been saved
to still be innocent, to just be brave
to at least be strong enough
to fight back,
but you can’t…

You’re still trying
to figure out what is happening
and why it’s happened
how it began
and if you could have
made it different,
by any chance
but you don’t understand
you’re just trying to stand still
while crying there
and trying to decide
how much more difficult
would dying be
than lying there
all the while deciding
if the silence
that this will undoubtedly cost you
will ever be fair
and haunt the voice
of such a horrible person
that you know as loved one
and everyone else knows
as relative
in the midst of trying
to redefine trust
and justify forgiveness
being relative
knowing that you will never forget
and time is no sedative

Why do good people do bad things?
what kind of sick is this?
what did I do to make them feel this way?
do I deserve it?

All questions pondered and posed
while you are being exposed to evil in a most beautiful way
this is something so natural
and pure and yours
that someone
who is supposed to
have your best interest at heart,
is taking away
you wish upon all of the heaven you have ever heard of
just praying that anybody’s God
just might take this away

No answer
and you have to wait
facing a pain
that would have you hate
all the while conscious
of no such thing as safe

No distractions available
not one hope in sight
nothing there to stable you
unable to leverage any fight
as you fall into submission
screaming silent through your eyes
but seeing who won’t listen
as you crawl into disguise

Coping won’t exist
and closure is a myth
time only serves you prison
and death presents a gift

less you awake from this dream
to remember no such thing
and instead become once again
a simple human being

not the monster this has made you
but fate didn’t save you
a nightmare steals away your sleep
curse the memory that enslaves you

You don’t believe
you don’t tell your story how
you don’t proceed
you never get past now

to being free you are unaware,
I wish that I was there.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Threw… [POEM]

ever since its been you,
every sense has been you
i’ve been sent to be sentenced
ever since we’ve been through
so it is with sentiment that i do
situated into the silhouettes
of simple and soon
even sick of it’s true
overwhelmed by the sentry
i’ve yet slipped into subdue
sifted into it’s through
styptic until anew
bound about the sordidness,
so it is in its simplest that i move
a sickness that sits amiss
a well that your healing undo’s
oh well, i am stripped of my shoes
so planted in this sand
i am shifting of shrewd
selling the stock of my value
or else being confused
a doctrine of civilized silliness,
several songs being spewed
we are the sort of subordinate
that sink by the screwed
we sold-out for settling
setting a precedent of sacrilege
eating souls made of stew
saying i don’t for the sake,
so that i don’t shake saying, “i do”

… ever since its been you,
every sense has been you
i’ve been sent to be sentenced
ever since we’ve been through.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Done…   [POEM]

not until you are finish
and have had enough
by way of experience,
through sorts of stuff

no word will matter
no saving grace
no escape from the trueness
less for saving face

beyond the fate or certain chance
there be reason and circumstance
so side by side of standing by
you won’t elude the demanding why

hurt brings love for awful things
pain calls lonely right at home
trouble decides the way you feel
confused is why you are alone

…until you are done.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Trust that you… [POEM]

I trust that you…
should, can, will
well-knowing you
could stand still
and it is your choice,
whichever way
if and when you decide,
whatever you say

I trust that you…
won’t follow suit
ignoring the trap of tradition
so it doesn’t swallow you
there are options,
truth be told, there is time
as life is sure to unfold
never be scared, you’re alive

I trust that you…
Go, Do, Be
it is up to you,
don’t you see?
you get to leave or love
at your desire and decision
just know the moments,
whether forgiveness or permission

I trust that you…
try for yourself
the point of having wings
is to fly for yourself
there is everywhere
and anywhere you choose to be
that is most important,
and what matters to me.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Shouldering Ghosts… [POEM]

imaginary burdens
that are perceived to be real
that weigh just as heavy
and deserve to be killed
issues and old chapters
just won’t be forgotten
laying all around your way-path
keep coming until you stop them
hindering possibility
stagnating your best
prolonging your potential
withholding your success
people you should have removed
others you have yet to add
confusion based on interpretation
a world that wishes you’d go mad
hurt that could’ve healed yesterday
pain that don’t have to matter
love ain’t no reason to lay there
happy ain’t what happens after
sick from being so tired
tired from being so sick
alone because you chose a crowd
ignoring the truth to go with
feelings that could have waited
time you could have spent
hope that you probably wasted
prayers that were never sent
you are haunted by a history
a past you honor most
refusing to accept a present
while instead you shoulder ghosts

that have

… been leaving you out
… been messing you around
… been keeping you back
… been holding you down.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

left me here… [POEM]

i fell for the stance
my old callous soul,
started to feel for romance
i, of all people
there once was no chance
i’d been fine, in the blind
given no glance
but oh, through circumstance
something about her sound,
i became affixed, in a trans
her moods became my music
and i wanted to dance
not for any sake of it
but because, that i can

awake, like never before
with all that i could take
there could ever be more
but yet here i was to break
all of my stake, on the floor
trying to persuade her to wait
i made the mistake
of taking the tour
now i want the place,
i feel safe, just by the door
so i was in, and out, respectively
even if the choice is either,
placed by the or

i am available,
just to be near
anyway i am wanted,
but just to be clear
i am full aware and can stomach,
being next to being there
by being myself
i am my best, being where
and even i fail the test
she’d best be aware
the odds against mean nothing
i guessed, being fair
it’s all the same to me
all of the rest, being rare

face the reality
it’s all the name
the risk are actually,
but it’s all the game
time to adjust
because it’s all the same
i win or i lose,
it’s all, the pain
i choose to go back,
all for change
make oath to make adjustments,
this time, go all the way
i just ask for my share
and she not have all the say
saving all that i could
before she throws it all away
because she left me here,
and will be gone all today.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Words I Say for You… [POEM]

being sure to pronounce specifics
without statistics
You are more than
greater than
at the very least, equal to
and You deserve to receive value
of the words I say for You
so I announce linguistics
I believe in You,
so I mention it
with a pension for example,
I will stamp You with the standard
mandate towards greatness,
so that You are awake
I want You to use Your power,
envision it
know that a want is more powerful,
than wishing it
and listening is how Your voice will tower
don’t sensor it,
just be sensitive

favor ain’t fair,
but You deserve it
and any explanation is sufficient
once proficiently worded

I speak life,
that You may speak right
that You may speak sight
that You may see light
that You may be all right, alright

I say “move” so that any mountain will
while I move
so that You are mounted, will
I pour every ounce of who I am into
so that I am Your fountain, filled
whatever skeptic comes along Your way,
may You surmount it, skilled
I promise You success,
that it be there, along and at paths end
no doubt, it will

and if You choose to repeat anything,
let it be
from awareness and memory…

I say GET UP,
just never listen to anyone who violates the true desire of Your heart,
one who tries to limit Your access
to what You can conceive,
even if that someone, is me

because these are
only the words I say for You
while this is Your life to live
and as much as I see a way for You,
every direction is not my right to give

and the words most important
are the ones You say,
whether You select tomorrow,
or choose today
whether You choose to borrow
or choose to wait
whether You elect for sorrow
or choose to faith
the most important move,
is the one that You choose to make

You get to experiment
with experience
I know that hearing a truth
is not the fulfilling of nearing it
so I am here,
but only preparing it
I am sharing it,
but not swearing it

You’ve earned the right
to discover Your own self,
by being Your own self
I will not force You to be like me,
nor anyone else
I say, LIVE,
specifically, ON YOUR OWN self,
for whatever that means,
by knowing YOUR OWN SELF
and not for me
or because I said so,
but for YOUR OWN SELF!

You may never see my prayers,
but I say them
no silence on any issue,
my soul requires tissue
for every curse I strike down,
every limit that I limit
every defeat I’ve already won for You
every death to any deterrent,
delay, or distraction
to the death and hell that I send them
I cry out a river that you can ride right past
I’ve already done the work,
You don’t have to row for a distance
use that energy and time
to strengthen
I’ve left so much on the table,
You have got to get it…

and say, “YES”
let my light,
and even the darknesses of my life
so that You see Your own way,
maybe let my “mights”,
be Your strong
use my excuses to stay put
as the reasons You move on…

and whatever needs to be said,
speak into the atmosphere
all that YOU want to,
like who You like
or want who wants You
what is natural is what is life
I can want all that I want for You,
but I can’t want for You
You have to want it for Yourself

there is a price for everything,
just know that
and then pay it,
know that the real secret is that
if You command it with command,
the universe will obey it
and no word has to mean anything to you,
until YOU SAY IT!


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers

as with, everything…   [POEM]

trading loose ends
for paper trails
affairs for marriage
free-spirited opulence
for fairytales
whimsical folly
for wedding bells

I hear footsteps
down the hall
of how I remember

bartering peace of mind
for a piece of hers
putting together such a life
from just pleasing words
denying a teasing urge
or defying a fleeing bird
by way of still

I can still hear
still remember well
almost see the difference,
still can

surrendering unknowns
for habits, routines,
and clarity
selfish ways
for sharing things
or remain by myself

I keep on hearing
the background noise
despite the beautiful random
of consistents’ poise
by choice…

as with, everything.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers