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Goal… [POEM]

In my worst of worry
there was still a hope
and in my least of strength
I still could cope

I’ve had the kind of low
that left me bare
but I’ve felt a kind of high
that took me “there”

Done saw and seen
and felt and been
I know some kind of power
sure I’ll get it again

Miracles or magic
coincidence or cause
no matter what happens
I’m living for it all

I’ve sat at the table
I’ve slept on the floor
I’ve given my last to others
I still keep getting more

Have won some battles
surely fought my share
still in some wars
can’t stop right here

Prayed like I cried
I’ve cried like I prayed
too many sleepless nights
so many “I’m so tired” days

People have come and went
some lost, some died
in my faith they’re convinced,
at least the way I’ve tried

got around a little
made some noise on the way
tore down some barriers
learned to live another day

Found peace in the midst of
found joy for the sake
found happiness to be good
and a dream better, awake

Doing good for the better
doing whatever for a reason
what I have to, for a purpose
what I must, for a season

Taught to take it as I took it
shown the value of my love
given freedom to investigate
been afforded more than once

And I won’t give up
I won’t quit, I won’t stop
I’m going to finish this race
with all of what I’ve got.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


Today’s -see 1/15/2014

It is what it is;

YOU were or are exactly who they said YOU were or are. YOU might have done exactly what they said YOU did. YOU were exactly where they said YOU were. YOU acted exactly like they say YOU act. And yup, YOU handled that one situation or a lot of those other situations, incorrectly. YOU ran away from that/those responsibilities. YOU made that terribly unfortunate mistake, that series of terribly unfortunate mistakes! YOU lied, YOU stole, YOU manipulated, YOU cheated, YOU hurt that person, or those people beyond what can be rationally explained. And it seems as if YOU had no remorse, or regret, or responsibility for YOURSELF and the way things have gone, or turned out -a lot of it having to do with YOU- because of YOU! These are all, or could be, facts about YOU. This is or has been YOUR habit, YOUR history, YOUR way of doing things. And like they say, “It is what it is.”


YOUR truth may be that all of whatever YOUR story has been, to this point, was quite factual and documented and witnessed by everyone, or what seems like everyone that knows YOU or something about YOU or someone who knows YOU and just enough about YOU to pass the stories about YOU along. And all those facts so happen to now be YOUR reputation. That stuff that is said about YOU has become YOUR character, the expected behavior from YOU and what YOU are “known” for! People now expect YOU to be “who YOU are” or YOU, YOURSELF, have concluded that this is, “who I am”, and such has the routine and system of trouble, trial, and tragedy, seemingly fell suit to this reality. Yes, again, it is what it is!

So! So what!

The truth is that it is exactly what it is, until it is something else.

Let me see if this analogy that I’m thinking of will translate to YOU the way I hope it should…

I’m not an electrician. I don’t really know or understand the science or “magic” of how electricity works but I am familiar with a general sense of conduits, transformers, outlets, switches and power sources. I know what a breaker is.

So here we go…

YOUR personal success is the goal. Whatever or wherever that is. This has everything to do with what I believe is YOUR journey and travel to acquire safety, security, and significance. I believe that YOU have to be developed. YOU have to be charged. YOU have to have such a current as this in order, like electricity, to flow. I believe that the ultimate (and initial) power source in YOUR life is whatever YOUR spiritual foundation is. Not YOUR religion, but who and what YOUR God is and how YOU relate to that God. What YOU understand about that God and whom He is to and for YOU is the basis for YOUR relationship with Him and that relationship is the conduit towards and for YOU being and becoming who YOU set out or are set-apart to be. Life is the transformer. Life is the catalyst for sending YOU into and through the necessary or required channels via routes that have been determined, yet dependent on, by the faculty of direction that has been outlined and organized by YOUR surroundings and influences (electricians, engineers, developers). And then there are the outlets. The processes and programs that are the obvious, or outstanding, means by which YOU express yourself. What “life”, YOUR life, plugs into. Outlets are YOUR talent, YOUR attitude, YOUR communication, YOUR propensities, YOUR proclivities, YOUR aspirations, YOUR experiences, YOUR hopes and dreams, YOUR fears and faults, and so on. Those outlets are activated/deactivated, turned on or off, by switches. Switches are YOUR motivations, YOUR experiences, YOUR interpretations of these things, YOUR choices, YOUR inhibitions, YOUR actions. Switches are prone to being vulnerable to the exposure and access of people and entities outside of YOUR control because they are sometimes located in plain sight. People can turn on, and off, YOUR switches. Experiences do and will. Sometimes those experiences, spontaneously, randomly, due to whatever reason, overload YOUR life (circuit) and YOU break. YOUR reaction to those “breaks”, that are inevitable and unpredictable, are why YOU, YOUR light, YOUR power, flickers. Or goes dark. But the ultimate power source is always available, YOU just have to tap in. And turn back on.

And sometimes YOU need a charge, or a recharge, or a jump!

I hope I nailed that.

So it was what it was. It doesn’t have to be that it IS what it WAS. Because YOU get to change it! YOU get to be something else as of right now. YOU get to use everything that “was” as a conduit to YOU now wanting more, being more, and doing more. Or doing something. YOU get to change YOUR life. YOU get to change YOUR lane. All of that stuff that happened, did. What now. And. So.

And so what now is… YOU! It is up to YOU! Ultimately YOU have a purpose. YOU have a story. YOU have a right to be, YOU. And YOU are “it”. So YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE! And that is completely changeable and possible and probable. YOU are completely changeable, and possible, and probable! Everything before now “was” a way for YOU to get to now and who knows if YOU would have gotten here had it not been that way. And whatever way that that was, as much of the “same” or however “YOU” it was, was what it had to be, but everything after, can be different, right now.

Because YOU are different and that’s what makes YOU special. And that what makes YOU “it”.

And YOU are a success…
Because it is, what it is!


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

On top. [POEM]

I believe in me
I’ve faith I’ll be
I’ll make it mean,

I won’t just try
I’ll more than survive
I will certainly thrive,

I’ll take my hits
and I won’t forget
I’ll suffer it surely,
courage or consequence

I’ll get my due
persevered and pursued
I’ll remain to it true,

and when I success
the truth will suggest
that I was not just one,
but one of the best.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers

Prayer for Success… [POEM]

That this morning I awake
to meet a new embrace
that opportunity’s sun
would surely touch my face
and open up my eyes
to reveal a brand new day

That upon my touch of ground
I am filled unto the brim
with an exuberance of energy
through each and every limb
to engage into the day
with accomplishment until end

That as I enter into my plans
and meet surely my ideas
I am blessed to find progression
through learning and experience
new friendship and acquaintance
with courage and commitment

That while I work to fulfill
my obligation and my dreams
I am fortunate to cherish
an abundance of such things
wishes granted at my command
and my happiness in peace

That I build reputation of faith
and a legacy of strength
as my heirs are endowed of much
from my talents and my gifts
to give forward from my bounty
as my territory is enriched

That my hands continue building
and my feet continue forth
as my mind continues thinking
and I value all it’s worth
that I understand creation
that I continue such its birth

That I learn as much as possible
and I teach as much I learn
that the fire of enthusiasm
continues as I earn
for the sake of burning limits
as season takes its turn

That I find my truest passion
and with content pursue the plan
that I am disciplined in effort
to do all that I can
with a thankful mind and motion
with a grateful heart and hand

That I know for sure the reason
that I was meant to be
that I am humbled
that I believe in
my Gods success for me…


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers