Goal… [POEM]

In my worst of worry
there was still a hope
and in my least of strength
I still could cope

I’ve had the kind of low
that left me bare
but I’ve felt a kind of high
that took me “there”

Done saw and seen
and felt and been
I know some kind of power
sure I’ll get it again

Miracles or magic
coincidence or cause
no matter what happens
I’m living for it all

I’ve sat at the table
I’ve slept on the floor
I’ve given my last to others
I still keep getting more

Have won some battles
surely fought my share
still in some wars
can’t stop right here

Prayed like I cried
I’ve cried like I prayed
too many sleepless nights
so many “I’m so tired” days

People have come and went
some lost, some died
in my faith they’re convinced,
at least the way I’ve tried

got around a little
made some noise on the way
tore down some barriers
learned to live another day

Found peace in the midst of
found joy for the sake
found happiness to be good
and a dream better, awake

Doing good for the better
doing whatever for a reason
what I have to, for a purpose
what I must, for a season

Taught to take it as I took it
shown the value of my love
given freedom to investigate
been afforded more than once

And I won’t give up
I won’t quit, I won’t stop
I’m going to finish this race
with all of what I’ve got.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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