Prayer for Success… [POEM]

That this morning I awake
to meet a new embrace
that opportunity’s sun
would surely touch my face
and open up my eyes
to reveal a brand new day

That upon my touch of ground
I am filled unto the brim
with an exuberance of energy
through each and every limb
to engage into the day
with accomplishment until end

That as I enter into my plans
and meet surely my ideas
I am blessed to find progression
through learning and experience
new friendship and acquaintance
with courage and commitment

That while I work to fulfill
my obligation and my dreams
I am fortunate to cherish
an abundance of such things
wishes granted at my command
and my happiness in peace

That I build reputation of faith
and a legacy of strength
as my heirs are endowed of much
from my talents and my gifts
to give forward from my bounty
as my territory is enriched

That my hands continue building
and my feet continue forth
as my mind continues thinking
and I value all it’s worth
that I understand creation
that I continue such its birth

That I learn as much as possible
and I teach as much I learn
that the fire of enthusiasm
continues as I earn
for the sake of burning limits
as season takes its turn

That I find my truest passion
and with content pursue the plan
that I am disciplined in effort
to do all that I can
with a thankful mind and motion
with a grateful heart and hand

That I know for sure the reason
that I was meant to be
that I am humbled
that I believe in
my Gods success for me…


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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