Love Song [POEM]


You fit the lyrics to every love song
All too well
John Mayer to Lenny Williams
Dru to Lauryn Hill
And I don’t understand you still
You make since when I need convincing
but not when my curiosity begins itching
and you start bitching
about how I don’t match the me you see
But you refuse to let me leave
Or let me see what it’s like without you
And so I have to doubt you
Maybe it is the pain that I’ve brought you


That’s what happens when it really doesn’t
When a true love defines a soul mate that wasn’t
And it doesn’t feel good


Before I ask why

Musiq and Maxwell don’t make it no better
Just as confusing as reading old love letters
I’ve gone all the way from Dave Hollister to Nickelback,
But no song can fix that…

And there’s this song that I keep hearing
Fearing every next word that comes because every last word sounds like this
Feels like a punch, feels like a kiss

One of those songs you look forward to, but you miss


Trying to hold back from saying that this feels like we’re delaying the inevitable,
Betting on the results of horoscopes and the odds of anecdotes that stem from poems I wrote that had nothing to do with you

Brought into question whether or not my words were true
or if my motives were used for ulterior gain,
But why should I change?

And all the while this song plays

The song says:

Love is what happens after everything goes wrong and all that is left are words without song, things that seem permanent seem better off gone and assumptions appear short but rather stay long,
Trust becomes trust when someone’s betrayed and forgiveness only exist because pain finds its way,
Consistency doesn’t matter if surprise makes such meaningless,
Nor does giving have value if you take so much shit,


And this song keeps on playing,
Louder per note
And then I recognize it,
The last song that I wrote.

©2013 Cornelious M. Flowers III


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