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You OWE You…

I’ve heard so many people say that they are putting themselves in a better position, in order to do or be something more for someone else.

Whether that be in order to live up to the expectations of parents, or the community, or a spouse. Or for the sake of being able to provide or better provide for children or family. Often it is for the benefit of being better connected to the circles or surroundings that satisfy our egos; Getting more access to the in-crowds or upper classes of society, so as to ingratiate ourselves with the popular or accepted amongst us.

And so many other reasons.

Reasons that we come up with in order to satisfy or justify these thoughts/words/feelings of ours.

None of it is as important as YOU.

You owe YOU your getting YOU together. That’s who is most important, who benefits the greatest, and who ultimately pays the price of you not being in the position that is “best” for you. YOU.

It is time for you to do what YOU need to do, FOR YOU! Not because of what anyone outside of you may benefit from that version of you, but because YOU need the benefit of what the healed, happy, and whole YOU will be. FOR YOU.


And now is the time.


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Give yourself YOU.

If you have an idea or desire of what the perfect “you” would be, then BE it!
Be the character, the integrity, the patient, the ambitious, the disciplined, the consistent, the confident, the considerate, the generous, the assertive, the outgoing, the determined, the balanced, the optimistic, the adventurous, the reliable, the trustworthy; the honest version of the you that you see you being.

If you have a belief that once you make it, and things are “better”, then you would be more likely to be the “best” version of you, unlearn that belief. Now. Because you do not need to wait for a “better” time. There is no better time than right now. And if you are that person now, the probability of you and your situation becoming the “better” that you expect is almost a guarantee.

Give yourself YOU! Start walking and working like the YOU that YOU know you will be, the YOU that YOU deserve to be, the YOU that YOU want to be.
Whatever it takes. Change your scenery. Change your circle. Change your routine.
Change whatever it is that has been hindering you from recognizing YOU.

Because YOUR life is about YOU.
And it’s way past time for YOU live YOUR life the way YOU want.


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For the “YOU” out there…

I’m going to save you some time, stress, energy, and disappointment:

NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, OR WHAT YOU SAY, OR WHO YOU ARE, OR WHAT YOU GIVE, OR WHAT YOU SUFFER, OR WHAT YOU SACRIFICE, OR WHAT YOU SPEND, OR HOW YOU ARE… there will be some people, especially in your corner, on your side… that won’t ever be there for you.

They are not going to make your road easy. They will not help. They are not going to support. They will present your most significant obstacles and challenges. They are going to give you the most consistent resistance. They will fight you the most, and the hardest. They are going to be your most vocal detractors and antagonists. They are never going to agree with you. They will never defend you. They will never believe you. They will never trust you.

They will never root for you. They will not comfort you. They will not be anything outside of whatever their selfishness or their ignorance allows them to be for you.

And it is okay.


They are MEANT to be that to you.

Because, eventually, they’ll be the reason, the motivation, the force, that you use to get up and do what you should have been doing FOR YOU, for YOU!

You’re not going to get up and move as a retaliatory action in response to who they have been to you. Nope!

You’re going to get up and move, out of RESPECT to YOURSELF. Because they are going to help you realize that YOU are the only one that YOU CAN COUNT ON! They are going to doubt/deter/disrespect/disregard/disappoint/demean/diss and dismiss you right into the distance! You’re going to finally realize that you can’t please everyone. Some people won’t EVER get you. They will never understand you. They will never appreciate you. They will never respect you. They will never be FOR YOU.

And they are going to FORCE you to become all that YOU WANTED them to be to you, TO YOURSELF!

You’re expecting that one day they’ll see that you were the good person, the bigger person, the genuine person.

They won’t ever see that.

Especially since/if the person that they wanted you to be was ONLY for them.

Because it was okay- your being a good person- when it was FOR THEM, or TO THEM. When they benefited or succeeded from you being you. But when you decided to not be hurt and harmed and disrespected and misused or mistreated or cheated or undervalued, under appreciated, under estimated… or just UNDER THEM… well, now you’re a problem. That’s when you became the problem.

So, I’m going to save you some time, and some hurt, some disappointment, and a whole lot more…

I’m going to tell you what someone should have told me a long time ago. What I should have told myself a long time ago…

You are you for YOU.

Repeat it:


You need to do whatever needs to be done in order to be successful at being YOU, for YOU!

Because your BEST YOU won’t be enough for people like that. Not if your best you doesn’t SERVE their interests.

If your BEST YOU ain’t in their bed, their life, in their group, in their circle, in their benefit, or in their best interests…

If you ain’t your WONDERFUL self for them. Attached to them. Wonderful for them. Wonderful to them. Or here’s the real kicker: If they can’t get credit for your wonderfulness!!!!…

Then they are not going to consider you “wonderful” at all.

In fact, they’ll be the ones spreading all the wonderful lies and mistruths about you. They’ll be the ones bringing up that wonderful past of yours. They will be the ones finding every reason to “bring you down” to their level.


They-whomever “they” are- don’t deserve anymore energy.

From me, you, or our future.

Get up. Do you.

For you.

Because you deserve it.

… and because there are some rooms and some places, filled with some people just like YOU, waiting on YOU to get past any “them” in YOUR way.

But let’s give “them” their credit: They pushed and pissed you off enough to realize that YOU need to do better… for you.

That you need to take care OF YOU. That you need to handle YOUR BUSINESS, for YOU. That you need to be successful, consistent, considerate, at peace, whole, healed, happy…

Capital letters on the “H” word…


For you. With you. About you.

Now, get up and GO.


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So, So… [Poem]

Sometimes I say more
than I need to
hoping that your heart will render
an I believe you
instead of thinking I’m just
like you figured

Other times I say nothing
when I should
but knowing the repercussions
if I would
and that becomes a weapon,
because you’re triggered.

So I confuse you
with my selfishness
until your will
becomes your helplessness
and I wear you down enough
to love me through

On the other hand
I play capable
of the back and forth
that I am able to
so that you know that I will never see us
the way you do.



©️2023 Cornelious “See” Flowers


An excerpt from my book…

An excerpt (the Preface) from my book…
(Let me know what you think; Preordering available soon.)

“You don’t eat pussy?”


“You stopped eating pussy.”

“No. I’ve never ate it. I don’t do that.”

“With them lips? Boy, I know you eat pussy.”

“I don’t.”

“How you don’t eat pussy? I know some of the hoes you done fucked on. Them hoes get they pussy ate.”

“They ain’t got it ate by me.”

“You like getting cheated on.”


I was about 30 years old when I had that conversation with a woman that I was dating. Not really dating, we had a sexual relationship. We had, per my assumption, a great sexual relationship. It was consensual. It was convenient. It was consistent. I enjoyed it. She was a “free spirit” sexually. She was not afraid of her body or ashamed of anything that she decided to do with it. And I got to enjoy every bit of that! She was open and vulnerable with her sexual likes and proclivity. Not ashamed one bit. I’d been having sex since I was a child but she was the first woman that I’d been with that was so vocal and expressive with how she achieved and administered pleasure. It was dope.
We had an understanding, and that made it even doper! There were no attachments, no titles, and no expectations other than we enjoyed doing what we were doing.

She was very good at what she was doing. With whatever part she was doing it. And that comfort that I mentioned, mercy, to watch and hear her doing it was incredible. I felt like “The Man”. She was submissively assertive and confident. She was flexible and impulsive and mature. She was tender and soft and gentle. She was vocal, very vocal. She was naked. Not just physically. She was exposed. She bore her inhibitions and hang-ups like the clothes she took off. Sometimes she took them off, sometimes she allowed me to. Same with her feelings and concerns, she allowed me to undress and address them accordingly. Sometimes during sex. Talking about insecurity while being naked in front of someone that you are intent on satisfying is a mind-blowing experience. And we did that. A lot. We did everything, a lot.

Except for that one thing. Because I didn’t do that.

One afternoon while we were smack dab in the middle of enjoying the spectacular of a summer day, naked, in the middle of doing us, she had her arms around my shoulders and her hands on the back of my head. I’m feeling every bit of the vibration that is our bodies and the bed and even the sweat that seemed to be rumbling down my back, pooling about my waistline. I’m going up and down into this pressure or resistance that is not natural to us. I felt heavy or like I was getting tired. But I wasn’t and then I noticed that I was feeling more pressure or a push downward. Not a “get off” or a “stop” but a “go this way” thrust. It was in rhythm with my stroke at first so it wasn’t brash, but it was obvious enough that I could feel it. Then I noticed the hands that were around my head were less on the back of my head/neck and were more cuffing the crown and she was maneuvering me towards an unfamiliar position. It was different, but I went with it because every other different with her had been magnificently so. My mind attempted to meet her expectations where I assumed that she was silently, but adamantly, instructing me towards.
“She wants me to kiss her chest… and her neck and her shoulders.” Is what I thought. So I did that. And she did that purring thing that she could do. I thought to myself, “Okay, she wanted me to kiss her body more” as I began my ascent back to the altitude that I was accustomed to.
But her hands were still on my head and they were not allowing me clearance back up. She was pushing me down.

“Oh, her stomach. She loves me to play with her navel piercing. She wants me to play with that in my mouth” was my thought as I traced a line from the left side of her neck, around her breasts, both nipples, around and under and then to her belly button. With my tongue.
I was doing a good job! She was thrusting her vagina into my chest and I could feel all the excitement dripping out of her. I wasn’t inside of her anymore but the way that she was responding and the way I was rubbing against the bed created a sensation and stimulation that was going to be explosive! I needed to re-enter her before I let myself go all over the bed so I tried to raise myself up to get back in but now her grip was tighter and she was shoving-albeit with care- me down further. So I kissed her thigh.

This was no longer a shove or a push or a motion. She was guiding my head.

She wanted me to eat her out.

I raised my head and looked her way. She was in the middle of what I can only imagine was about to be an intense orgasm. At least the prelude to one. She had no problem achieving vaginal orgasms. She was so in tune with her body that she could release herself with just as much intensity while performing oral sex.
For the entire duration of our trysts, I had never witnessed her unsatisfied. Whether it was by my doing or hers.

But I could not help her with this. Wherever she was trying to go with my face between her legs, I wasn’t going to be able to get her there. No matter how good this all felt. No matter how turned on I was. No matter how amazing her entire body looked butt-ass-naked, sweaty, and gyrating. No matter how intoxicating the combo of Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon and pheromones were. No matter how close I was to climax.

I waited until she had realized that I’d stopped kissing/licking/sucking on her skin as she began to open her eyes. She looked at me. I can only imagine what she was thinking.

“I don’t eat pussy.”


For the next hour or so, she and I had one of the most difficult conversations that I had ever had with a naked woman. I opened up about what I have always recognized as my first trauma. Even though it wasn’t until I was in my early twenties when I started to acknowledge it as such. Because for so long I had only seen it as something that happened to me. I had never put much energy in trying to figure out why or the significance. I just remembered it as I always had. Something that I know was not supposed to happen.

But it did, and there was an effect of it.

It is crazy the way the brain works. There is something called “Olfactory Memory” that to the best way that I can explain it is the process of smell memory. I didn’t know there was a term for it. I’ve had a long history with my olfactory recollection though. Especially the smells associated with my trauma.

“I can still smell her.”

“That’s not the way that is supposed to go.”

“I can. Sometimes, just out of the blue, it’ll hit me. Then I will remember being over my grandmas house and us being in the living room. We used to make pallets on the floor. When grandma went to sleep, we’d play this game. I don’t know what the game was called, but it always ended up with her rubbing my face in her coochie.”

“I believe you. I’m saying that its not the way you should have been introduced to sex. You should not have been molested.”

“I wasn’t molested. They were girls. They didn’t stick anything in me. It was just hunching. I didn’t stick my thing in them. It was all wrong, but the part I really hated was her sticking my face down there. That’s why I don’t eat pussy. I can’t think of anything else when my face gets close to a woman’s vagina. I see and smell my cousin.”

“That is molestation.”

“No it’s not.”

“Yes, it is. And it happens in black families far too often. In families far too often. But black families don’t say anything about it. And it destroys us. I am so sorry that happened to you.”

“i will be okay.”

“I’m sure. But that is a lot. Did you ever tell anyone?”

“I used to think that my mother knew. Or my uncle. I don’t know why I used to feel like they had an idea.”

“Did someone ask you about it?”

“No, it was just this feeling I had that someone knew. Not too far after that, probably at around 9-10 years old, I started having my first sexual relationship. It was inappropriate as well. I used to think my mother knew about that one. She was my age, a friend of the family.”

“That’s why you’re like that.”

“Like what?”

“Here, but not here. Sex is like a job for you. A job you’re trying to prove you’re good at. But its a job. You’re not connected. A job that you feel guilty about too.
There is touch and feeling and a bunch of other stuff. But there is no connection. It’s like you’ve separated your upper half from your bottom half. Your body is committed, your mind and heart aren’t available.”


“I thought it was me. I thought that you were just getting your nut out. I thought maybe you didn’t really like me, that you were just fucking because you’re good at fucking. I definitely have experienced moments where I didn’t feel like you wanted me here at all. Even with you on top of me, or in me. It’s like you were really not there. I get it now.”

“I’m Sorry. I never meant to…”

“You don’t have to apologize. You know that I love you. I love you even more now. But…”

“We aren’t going to do this again are we?”


“Can we finish today though?”

“No. It’ll be too hard.”

“it’s already hard!”

We both laughed. Then there was an awkward moment of silence. She pulled the sheet over and covered her body. She laid down and turned towards the wall. I thought she might be crying. I laid behind her, but on top of the covers. I knew that was the last time for us.


This isn’t a romance novel. I can imagine how the first few lines of this preface will read to some. This is a help-my-self manual that I have written in order to get me and anyone that may be in a similar life predicament the help they may need. This is about my victory. I could have lost the battle against my traumas. I probably should have lost the battle against my traumas. That I am not in jail or dead or in a far worse-off position than what my situation could have allowed for me is not just a miracle of what I believe as God’s grace and mercy, but also incredible favor, unrealistic patience, uncommon resilience, and an unrelenting consistency. I keep going. The lesson in just that is enough to produce a majority of the results that most of us seek to discover.
It been a long road to get here.

I did finally get over the not-eating-pussy part of my life. It’s been almost 15 years since the conversation with me and that woman. I am grateful for that moment. I wasn’t prepared to process the information from our talk in that season, but I did receive it. The relationships that I had after ultimately benefited from the lesson I learned that afternoon. It was rough hearing those facts. Even more difficult of a thing to have to deal with the me that I learned about that day.
I paid a heavy price for that. For not being healed in the places that my life needed to be healed in. That cost me a lot of relationships and opportunities to grow and mature.

I’m writing this book because it was time for me to do the things that needed to be done in order to satisfy my own desire for the life that I want to live. It is time for me to live! The things that have happened to me, that I have been part of, that I have experienced, are all real. For so long I tried to pretend that they weren’t. I didn’t want to face that stuff. I didn’t want to accept that all of the things that took place actually did take place and that my feelings are valid.
Not that I am any expert on trauma, but I’ve been trough a lot. My experiences give me the evidence and example that I can use to help others. After I help me.

Trauma is one of the most significant factors when considering what may be the reason that a person has not attained or attracted a certain success for him or herself. Trauma, especially when experienced in childhood, can dramatically and drastically alter everything that is an individual. Not just what that individual sees or thinks or feels, but more importantly, if and how that individual may feel. Influence of the “If” and “how” having the power to corrupt the brain function and development in such a way that can physically, psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally disrupt a persons entire life.
And they may never know it.

It took a long time for me to get comfortable with performing oral sex on a woman. My first sexual experiences had a disastrous effect on how i engaged puberty, sex education, and what I felt and thought about sex itself. I didn’t know it either. I thought I was doing what I was supposed to. Even early on.

I have been cutting hair since i was about 14 years old. I have spoken to hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals over the years who have shared stories of molestation/rape- at the hands of family members- in their own past. It is way more common than I ever thought it to be. I know that I was not alone in my experiences. For so many years I was ignorant to that. I thought that no one knew what I had gone through and surely no one could understand. So I remained silent and tried to “keep going” my way through it.

There are some things that you just can’t be silent about. Not when your voice depends on it.
And my voice depends on the things that happened to me. Because my gift, my purpose, my talent, is my ability to endure and encourage. I am most proud of that. The fact that I have been able to speak life and hope- even during the midst of my most ardent trials- into so many people, is amazing. Through my poetry, my community service, my barbering, my friendships/relationships, my performances, or just my presence in some instances, I’ve been able to help so many people.

I will continue to do that. Even more now. Now that I know that I am responsible for my voice and that I have chosen to not function in a state of victimhood.

I am not a victim. I survived.

I survived molestation. I survived severe depression. I survived poverty. I survived peer pressure. I survived abandonment. I survived insecurity. I survived homelessness. I survived a heart attack. I survived multiple tragedies. I survived peer pressure. I survived compromised health. I survived discrimination. I survived extreme odds against me. I survived being lied to. I survived many broken hearts. I survived so many secrets. I survived generational curses. I survived it all.

I survived because I decided to. Long ago, I made a choice not to give up. Even when things did not look like they were going to permit my escape, I have always found a way. A way made possible because of this perpetual optimism and hope that I possess. I have this relentless belief that I am going to be okay; That things get better, that I will succeed eventually, that I ultimately win.
This book is about that. About how and why I believe that I have gotten this far. About what I believe is my real power, my greatest gift… ME. Even when I don’t understand things, when I don’t know much, when I can’t think of what to do, I still believe in me. And I will speak to myself. I will encourage me. I will empower me. I will energize me.

That’s what you are supposed to do. To find the power in you. To create a strategy to effectively use your power in order to do more than survive. To succeed. To excel. To be the greatest version of yourself. Because that is why you are here. To be your best you. And no one is going to do a better job at or be more instrumental in making sure that you accomplish that goal, more than you!
There is only a “this” in between you and where you want to be. A “this” that is more than likely temporary, and not as big or as strong or as impossible as you might have thought it was. Because you haven’t been using the you that can get you pass it.
It is time to. You have this book. That means you’re ready.

So let’s get through this.

Effective or Afraid, BE one.

Either be EFFECTIVE, or be AFRAID.

YOU cannot be both. You are going to have to choose. You are going to have to decide which one is necessary for YOU. Not the one that is most convenient, nor which is most comfortable. You’ll have to be the one that is necessary for YOU to grow forward.

It’s a matter of fear vs faith. What do you have more of? Are you more moved by what scares you or by what you believe in? Which one guides you? Which one informs you? Which one do you feed?

You have to choose, and you have to choose NOW. Because both sides want you. Yes, that’s right, FEAR and FAITH are both vying for your attention, and your actions. They are both available to be your driving factor or your dysfunction, your motivation or your mediocre, your reason or your excuse.

What’s it going to be? What will you use to propel, push, or even pull you up, and position YOU in the space that will give you the best opportunity to do what you need to?

Will it be your FAITH or will it be your FEAR?

Will you be EFFECTIVE, or are you just going to be AFRAID?



You might not need therapy.

You might not need therapy.

You might just need an opportunity to tell your truth/story. And have that truth/story validated. Especially (if possible) by the people that are part of your truth/story. The part that you’ve been holding in. The part that you’ve been fighting. The part that you’ve been prisoner to. The part you haven’t moved on from.

You might just need the right information. The information that will assist you in processing your truth/story. The information that will allow you to acknowledge and recognize what your truth/story is and how it has been, is, and will continue to impact and affect you.

You’re not crazy. You’re not delusional. You’re not wrong.

Everything that happened to you, happened to you. You’ve tried to pretend it didn’t. You wished it didn’t. You’ve probably been told that it didn’t. Because someone needed you to not remember what really happened. Someone needed you to not speak up about what really happened.

You remember what happened.

And that’s what’s been hurting you. That’s what’s been hampering you. That’s what’s been hindering you.

That is what has held you hostage.

The fact that you know what happened, what was done to you, and what you’ve gone through as a result.

While those involved have gone about as if your being depressed, distant, or desperate is a dysfunction of your own doing. Like, you did all of it to yourself! Like you don’t have a reason to be mad, hurt, distrustful, paranoid, cynical, pessimistic, inconsistent, distant, or just not quite the you that you could/should/would be, had it not been for you know, what happened.

You might not need therapy. You might need the opportunity to face those people. The opportunity to give the negative words and energy that you’ve been holding onto, back to the people that negative energy and those words belong to. This ain’t really your baggage you’ve been carrying. It’s someone else’s. You’ve been carrying someone else’s weight. Someone else’s blame. Someone else mess. Someone else’s problem(s).

Because you’ve interpreted what happened to you as an indictment of your character, or an indication of your worth. And it’s not. A lot of the things that happened to you, had nothing to do with you. They would have happened to anyone that was right there at that moment. There is nothing you could have done to have made it any different.

That person that hurt you was going to hurt whomever. That person that lied to you was going to lie to whomever. That person that abused you was going to abuse whomever. The person that did whatever it was that did whatever it did to you was going to do that whatever to whomever.

It wasn’t because of you. It’s not because of you.

So, you might not need therapy. You might’ve just needed to know that. To know that you’re okay. And that the only way you can say you went through something is after you’ve gotten through it. You might just need to realize that.

And realize that you’ve been going through this chapter of this truth/story long enough. You have been fighting yourself, going back-and-forth with you, long enough. You’re tired, and exhausted, from trying to get an answer out of you that you will never have. You’re trying to get resolution and closure and an understanding that might not even make sense to you. Ever. Because what happened to you was not about you.

You made it that.

And because you’ve allowed that to be the narrative, you’ve been everything but who and what you want to be. Going every way but the way that you want to go…

You’ve been down.

Going down.

Torn down.

Sat down.

Put down.

Lying down.

Always down.

Down and out.

You might not need therapy;

You might just need to get up.

And tell your truth/story.

You deserve that.

The world deserves the you that does it.


©️2023 Cornelious “See” Flowers

SEE the Poet

I’m Nobody.

I’m nobody
don’t need anybody to make that clear
I’m the same different as everybody else,
just got a story somebody needs to hear

I ain’t no angel
no stranger to doin’ some devils work
but way more days believin’ in God
& doing somethin’ to make a better earth

I’m not perfect
done made a share of mistakes and more
heap of people know my darker side
what would I hide in the shadows for?

I ain’t always went the right way
I went the way I knew how and well
went about it the best way I knew to go,
some of those ways I shouldn’t tell

I don’t regret much
not much sense in looking back to see
just keep lookin’ forward to the lesson,
less the chance of less lookin’ back at me

I can’t say what I’m done fighting
and I’m not gonna wait to find out
jus keep doin what must be done to do it
get in the cage, engage, then climb out

I won’t pretend or posture
I know full well the work I need to do
a little support, encouragement, and help
that is all that I need from you


I’m nobody
don’t need anybody to make that clear
I’m the same different as everybody else,
just got a story somebody needs to hear.


©️2023 Cornelious “See” Flowers

SEE the Poet

Just DO. 4/17/23


Discipline and Obedience.


You have to DO your work, with DISCIPLINE and OBEDIENCE.

You have to DO your best, with DISCIPLINE and OBEDIENCE.

You have to DO!

The DISCIPLINE is going to be your dedication to it. How committed are you? Are you focused enough to continue through the distractions and the discouragement? Are you serious enough to decide on a routine and a system that you are going to follow through on, regardless of whatever might or might not happen? Are you prepared enough to endure the impact to not just your energy, but to your emotions, and to your economy?
Because the level of mandatory discipline that you have to possess is going to cost you, damn near everything! Do you have that level of focus? Are you prepared to eliminate or at least remove yourself, from the access of anything or anyone that distorts that focus? Are you ready to deal with the chaos that is certain to come once you break up the system that things and people relied on you to stay linked to in order to afford their comfortability?
Because you cannot imagine the amount of resistance you are going to encounter once you “switch up” and start caring about you. Once you prioritize YOU and YOUR needs, dreams, goals, wants, ambitions, and requirements. The level of opposition that will present itself, without reason, will be tremendous! You are going to get it from everywhere, and anywhere, ridiculously.
Are you really aware of how much this is going to cost you? Relationships, friendships, money, opportunities, sleep, fun, time. And more. It is going to cost you your comfort, your habits, your traditions, your familiarities, your weaknesses , your routines, your old identity.

You will have to give up your old self. The you that hasn’t been willing to DO what was necessary to get where YOU really want to be.
That’s scary. Are you scared enough to go through it though? Scared of falling back into the same routine. Scared of what will happen if you never try your best. Scared of losing out on the chance to see what happens when you DO the work.

The OBEDIENCE is going to require more from you. The obedience is your acknowledgment and acceptance of the rules that YOU MUST FOLLOW in order to have the level of dedication you need to produce your results.
So you’re going to have to listen to; To respect; To submit to; To trust:


Ultimately, that’s who this is about. That is who benefits or suffers. That is who pays the price or reaps the reward. That is who matters: YOU!
You are going to have to honor the commitment that you make to YOU! That’s the obedience that will change YOUR life. Because in reality, nothing else matters. If you don’t have a YOU to matter to, will anything or anyone else?


So, are you ready to do what YOU said YOU would? Are you ready to hold YOU accountable? Are you able to be that level of honest with YOURSELF, where you recognize that YOU are the actual reason that you fail or succeed? Do you have enough consideration for yourself to understand that YOU matter and YOU deserve the respect for the rules that will bring about the results YOU want?
Then, be obedient to the commitments and guidelines that YOU KNOW must be honored in order to achieve YOUR dream.

You should still pray and believe in whatever YOUR faith utilizes to teach you that this is bigger than you. But know that that faith should also teach you that whatever is bigger than you, is bigger because of you. YOU MATTER. Whatever is bigger matters as well, but if there is no YOU then how could… nevermind. This is about you.

This is about you being ready to DO what it takes.

It is going to take EVERYTHING! And your obedience to the process will determine whether or not you get what is on the other side.

So, are you ready to implement a self-success-structure? The plan and procedures that will keep you on track. Work ethic, preparation, consistency, time management, budgeting, service, balance, character, integrity, healing, peace. Whatever the specific things are that are going to give YOU the best chances at following through on what YOU said.

Then DO…

DO what is necessary.
DO what is best.
DO what is required.
DO what YOU need to.
DO something different.
DO something consistently.
DO something amazing.
DO something worth YOUR while.
DO something NOW.

Just DO.


©️2023 Cornelious “See” Flowers


May be, it’s YOU. 4/16/23

Maybe the one testing you, is YOU.

Not God.

Not the Universe.

Not the Enemy.


Maybe your subconscious is trying to bring your conscious into an accurate awareness of who you are.

Maybe your higher self is attempting to pull your lower self, up to the standards that YOU REQUESTED, and actually REQUIRE, in order to be RESPONSIBLE for YOUR SUCCESS.

Maybe it’s the person that YOU COULD BE, challenging the person that YOU ARE currently being to a competition to see if YOU really want what and who YOUR potential says YOU might become.

Maybe YOU are the resistance.

No bigger obstacle;

No mightier challenge;

No crazier situation;

No wilder circumstance.


What if you’re the one presenting the opposition? What if you’re the one holding you hostage to those habits and traditions? What if you’re the one blaming you for mistakes and the trouble and the problems of your past? What if yours is the voice convincing you that you can’t? What if yours are the words casting spells and speaking contrary to you moving forward?

What if it’s you?

What if it is a YOU on the inside of YOU trying to escape the prison that YOU put YOURSELF in?

Because of trauma. Because of pain. Because of hurt. Because of insecurity. Because of tradition. Because of the past. Because of people. Because of excuses.

What if YOU haven’t gone where you wanted/needed to GO, done what you wanted/needed to DO, been where you wanted/needed to BE…


What are you going to do about that?

How are you going to handle that?

When are you going to change that?

Where are you going to start?

(You know I have an answer, right?)




YOU are going to fix this!

You are going to REALIZE it.


You are going to start speaking the truth that YOU deserve, RIGHT NOW.

You are going to recognize YOUR POWER, acknowledge it, accept it, and ascend into the position of authority over it, RIGHT NOW!

You are going to STAND UP. RIGHT NOW.

You are going to speak life into YOURSELF, demanding change and adjustments and results, from YOU, RIGHT NOW.

You are going to find a mirror, and talk yourself right into the light that is been waiting to shine on you all of this time, RIGHT NOW!

You are going to KNOW that YOU are the MOST IMPORTANT person in YOUR LIFE because YOU decide whether or not YOU do the work that YOU need to do in order to take care of or for anything or anyone else. You are going to do that RIGHT NOW!!!

And YOU are going to overcome:

The temptation that you thought was impossible to resist. The habit that you thought was impossible to break. The apology you thought was impossible to give. The forgiveness you thought was impossible to achieve. The hurt you thought was impossible to get over. The place you thought was impossible to leave. The dream you thought was impossible to realize. The relationship that you thought was impossible to have. The success you thought was impossibe to materialize, manage, and maintain. The consistency that you thought was impossible to possess.

The positive example you thought you might never be. The parent you thought you might not become. The partner you thought you’d never amount to. The person you thought you couldn’t grow into.

Because you were looking at this all wrong.

Say it with me, “It is not impossible, because I’m POSSIBLE.”

And with that perspective, YOU BETTER TAKE BACK YOURSELF! Take YOU back from every distraction, demon, detour, desperation, discouragement, disappointment, disapproval, and definition that does not speak the YOU that YOU ARE!


And YOU are going to pass the test. The test that you thought was almost impossible to pass.

The test that might not have been a test. It was probably just a time. A “that” time. An ”old” time. A ”their” time. A “one” time.

But now, now is YOUR time.



©️2023 Cornelious “See” Flowers