The bus stop, LOVE. [POEM]

At the bus stop of love
On the corner of here and there
Just waiting on my ride
In this city named everywhere

I’ve missed a few on purpose
I’ve been late a few times
Guess I just enjoyed the people watching
Or I was trying to avoid the lines

You see it all from where I’m standing
You hear it all just the same
After all, they’re just people
Somewhere in a midst of change

Today I have no destination
Just came alone for the ride
I might not meet somebody
Who am I kidding, there are seats to sit beside

So today i’ll meet a stranger
A girl who looks like fun
I’ll pick the one without the bags
Just in case we need to run

Tomorrow I’ll meet another
I may fancy something plain
A girl who looks like mother
Maybe sounding just the same

And next week I’ll find a lover
One who wears such on her sleeve
And I will tell her about my search for love
Until in destiny she believes

Next month, next year, no differences
These routes remain the source
As long as I stand at this bus stop,
Only love will be the course

Or somedays I walk
Maybe find a park to rest
Other days I’ll stay at home
Seems like there I’m at my best

Find courage to ticket a plane
Soon I will try to brave the sea
I think I like climbing mountains
If I don’t I soon will see

But yet I’m still just at this bus stop
And it all just seems so plain
I’m tired of what I see here
Tomorrow I’ll take the train.

©2013 Cornelious M. Flowers


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