Move on, forward

It is ever so possible to sit in a place too long and by not taking advantage of the opportunity to maximize the moment instead missing such and finding that very place, which once held promise, began to overwhelm where it once understood your journey. If you fail to operate manually, what will happen, against your direction, will be the automatic shift of life that inevitably rolls along. Sure, as seasons and cycles do, the time will come where what was for you comes back but at that time, much after when could have been the best time to capitalize, you may have neither age, nor energy, nor strength to assume the role or readiness necessary to satisfy the desires of your being. So the charge is now, the direction is whichever way leads you to create the identity and definition that resonates with your soul structure. Where your faith and beliefs collide with your knowledge and imagination is the point of no return for you. Stop the debilitating deliberation that only delays the desires and doings of your heart. You are enough already, you have what you need and if to find that there was more then acquire it as you go but in motion and not stagnant or in pause of what could have been action. There is no limit nor limitation set upon you that is permanent until you confirm that it has dominion and power over your resolve and ability to overcome. Though we fight against the wind, just a turn delivers against into assistance. Fight for your sake, for the sake of not losing to not trying but because you moved when you were supposed to, because you didn’t give up.

-Cornelious “See” Flowers


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