Gone Crying [POEM]

I want you to cry every time
I say I love you
because you know me
and how hard it was for me to open
my heart
to anyone
because of everyone
that broke it
but you awoke it
spoke it back to life with life
made me write
which made me right
which made me try
which gave me life
and that
makes you cry
so much so that it seems like pain
and makes me realize
that it looks the same
just like the chance
to understand
looks like romance
and what looks like a struggle
from afar
looks like a dance
in your eyes
and so I cry
now you know why
I’m not always looking
when you mention me
not paying attention
but relieved
that we sometimes see
eye to eye
or that you always seem to find
something in mine
that makes it right
to keep in mind
that I’ve come so far
from so far behind
and standing here now
gives me great pleasure
to decide
to keep on trying
to remind myself
that you are nothing like
anyone else
and yet you still love me
my night
that separates your day
from so many ways
that could have made you leaving
much easier
even if
I stopped breathing
the moment you left
so I’m just here
all by myself…

©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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