Talk to me… [POEM]

I want to talk to you
but not on the phone
and not with words
but with feeling
so that it means something
and leaves nothing out
that’s what I want to talk about
and everything that has changed
since we’ve been separate ways,
the day before yesterday
just hasn’t been the same
nothing to do but change
I want your thoughts about it
but we don’t have to talk about it
just make sound with our body parts
then put our mouths around it
I want to talk to you
hear your story in a different way
find that your skin has an opinion
more than your lips could say
but I’ll hear them too
when I’m near you
to the sound of conversation
that we make with our legs
apologizing with our hands
as our eyes begin to beg
I really want to talk to you
in a foreign language
maybe two or three
in a universal tongue,
created by you and me
and come up with a song
that our feet can sing
as we dance with our breath,

Please talk to me

I want to talk to you
about differences
and about talking to much
without listening
without mentioning our past
or who we talked to last
if you don’t want to know,
I promise not to ask,

But you have to talk to me.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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