Shine [POEM]


He once saw the sun as a dream
and he leaned in to realize himself
that dreams come true everyday
and lie every night
and come back in mornings
sometimes bright
sometimes amidst obstacles
and sometimes at different times
but they, dreams, are real
and the sun is proof
that dreams come true
and exist beyond limitations
or expectations
or beyond the reach of people
that can’t see your dream
while its bright
but instead they recognize it only
in the dark of night
or in the shade of its shadows
unaligned with its flight
inconsiderate of its origin
or it’s plight
even though they know a dream
is sufficient light
but they question it relentlessly
until he puts up a fight
to believe in his dream
and be burnt by it
to learn by it
so he stands student to the sun
empty class quiet
to feel his dream
its warmth in such a cold place
eyes open, disrobed face
blemishes made and mended
by other dreams,
that came and went
long before
and long after,
in seasons of lack and abundance
dreams are his thunders
his hailstorms and first fruits
his slim pickings and pursuits
his “on the horizon”
his “left behind”
his one reason to not press rewind
for neither he nor his fears
can stop him from dreaming
nor believing
in the sun.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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