Spirit Full… [POEM]

Spirit full…

Spirit will no longer ignore
what my situation is
Even as I pretend to “cope” with my “what is”
my soul cries out
to my emotions
and energy’s
to expand…
To try, to push, to experiment, to experience
To give me a chance
So I’m up,
in the stillness of my reality, amidst the movement
of my awareness,
bittersweet with anxiety, restless but rested.
I am bound.
From both perspectives,
a two-sided evolution
of constant monotony
in the midst
of relentless change.

And then I close my eyes
to try to see clearly,
past the mediocrity,
imagining the possibility,
that opening my eyes
seems to steal from me, because
I just so happen to be
the only one,
that doesn’t see,
the power,
in being me.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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