My Prayer for Success… [POEM]

My Prayer for Success…

Dear Lord,

Guide my steps as I travel this road,
where all I desire walks with all I know
As I pursue my destiny and follow my dreams
I ask that You inspire my wants and allow for my needs
Could You show me favor that outweighs my faith
so that if I falter, You keep my pace
In my journey that will take me far and beyond,
I pray for Your constant protection
to keep me unharmed
I pray for wisdom, I pray for growth,
I pray for patience, which I need the most
I’d rather that You are my foundation before my family or friends
for I am rest assured You are there until the end
And in return, my Father, I give you my best
as I ask they You answer
My Prayer for Success,



©2004 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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