So tired of it … (Healthcare vent)

So tired of it…

Healthcare as a for profit system will never work in this country. Until the government gets it into its understanding that as the overseer, authority, and guardian of and over its people, it has a responsibility to their health, well being, and safety, the idea of insurance, as it relates to healthcare will be a joke, a gimmick, and a scam. You pay someone “pennies” for them paying “dollars” for your needs. The idea is something for nothing, the reality, especially as our reality is now, is that that “something” that we get for “nothing” will, as it has been, go to a highest bidder. That idea and premise is based on and in capitalism. Capitalism has no place in healthcare. The government should pay for healthcare, period. No other system is going to work. As long as it remains as is there is going to be class warfare and imbalance. There will remain a system that punishes millions while profiting and prospering some. There is always going to be abuse and manipulation and fraud no matter what system there is but as long as we are held hostage to a system that “favors” the wealthy, or the working, or the well known, we are going to see more and more of an advantage taken over those who are not able to afford it as well as the super-large entities that have to manage and maintain a responsibility of their network or system. Until the entire system is underwritten and overseen by a collective government and premise that provides the required services and support for ALL people, it is going to get worse and worse.
The reason we don’t have such a system is because capitalism promotes selfishness and greed and we have banking, taxing, and financial systems that are scams fueled by that selfishness and greed. Our leaders are bought and paid for by the most successful at that selfish and greed via the “lobby” system of politics. It is ridiculous and is getting worse. There is no such thing as “affordable” when we speak of healthcare for the majority of this country’s citizens but the politics and preference of our government chooses to bully its people into believing that there is. The FDA is a gimmick that is bought and paid for, delivered to us by large drug companies and their lobbyists and their politicians that are elected through their powerful influence and injection of finances. The system, these systems are a joke and “WE, the PEOPLE”, are butt of that joke.
And the word reform is a joke! We don’t need to reform these systems because as they are there are people and powers that are written into the foundations of these systems that are assured and ensured by the existence of said systems to profit. These stems tens need to be removed and then built as needed and necessary for today. These systems did not or do not account for technology and/or information, or access to information and such a primitive consciousness will not fairly survive this day and age, and they, the government, know that. The desperate and delusional actions and tactics of certain politicians and political parties right now illustrate that they are hellbent on attempting to perpetuate the fraud and failure of these systems because of the money involved.



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