Repeat after ME!

Repeat after me:

I am responsible for my successes and my failures. I am why I have the right to be or become whatever I decide and I get to try as many things as I must in order to find the thing that gives me the greatest joy and sense of self-worth. I have no reason to be ashamed or feel shame about my past or imperfections because the truth is that I am worthy of having a comeback story, overcoming testimony, and a victorious outcome! I deserve to be loved and to love, I deserve to care and be cared about and cared for, I deserve to be able to trust and I deserve to be trusted!
Today, this moment, is my most amazing chance to do the thing or anything that I must do in order to assure my safety, security, and significance and so it is by choice that I decide to immerse myself into the atmosphere of opportunity and engage in settings and situations that vitalize, energize, and encourage the best possible me!
It has been an experience, thus far, all that I have or have not done, right and proper, wrong or foolish, that created the reputation, reasons, or restrictions that are currently my story but I believe and know, with full confidence, that that is just part of my story and I get to change it starting right now.
I have learned. I have had to learn the hard way, I have had to learn the wrong way. But the fact is that I learned and the most important thing that I have learned is that there is only a such thing as “too late” when it is over and I know that “IT IS NOT OVER FOR ME!”.
I get to acknowledge, articulate, apologize, accept, amend, annul, avoid, acquire, attend, or atone as needed and as necessary to recover, receive, and restore the order and environments, friendships, relationships, binds and trusts, purposes and potentials, obligations and opportunities, loves and loyalties, justices and peace, that I know are health and possible for me and my life. I am worth it.
Now is where I start. By breaking this silence and announcing it into the atmosphere I am changing my mind which will change my motivation which will ultimately change my movement and direct me towards the goal of my hopes and dreams… To be me, the best me, the me that I know you deserve to know.



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