Okay to love…

Every so often someone comes along, into your life, and makes love seem so easy. They make it not seem so much of a challenge, but so possible. Effortlessly they manage to balance your attention and your pride and your ideas about what love should be, could be, or even what it once was. They let down your guard by raising your expectations, by opening your senses, and by creating a hope in you towards love and being in love. They do it before you even realize or recognize what they’ve done or how they’ve done it. Before you know it, you’ve committed your time and your energy to the pursuit of their happiness through the realization of yours. In that space you begin to observe that your current reality may be more of comfort and convenience as opposed to authentic and complete. You notice that you’re settling, that you’ve settled thus far and because of them you refuse to settle anymore. Mornings are anticipated, moments are exaggerated, days seem to collapse into the arms of warp speed while nights bring forth excitement and energy that you either forgot you had or never realized possible. And it happens so fast. Instantly, without notice, you’re taken by this force and forced to enjoy, if only for the moment, what it feels like to feel good, to feel loved, to feel liked. And you return the love, the like, like never before, almost as if to a surprise that you could do such, that you could show that kind of love, that kind of emotion, that kind of feeling, or this kind of specialness to someone that you didn’t expect.
It’s hard to fight that kind of love. Even the problems of whatever your past is or has been -or the situation(s) that you have yourself already in the middle of- all seem to be worth exposing and working out for the good of serving love its due fulfillment of the promise of being present and aware for whatever adventure is in store for you by way of love.
Yup, every so often, once in a lifetime, when you least expect it, out of the blue, somehow, before you know it, before you can plan for it, before you can ready yourself, before you know what to do, love finds its way into you. Love probably got there through the cracks in your previously broken heart, maybe the gaping hole of your soul that was made by some significant hurt or loss, maybe by the void that exists because of your pain. Maybe love is not what you thought it was before. Maybe what you thought was love before was defined and translated by the opportunity of experiences and events and emotions that were just what they were and not what you wanted or needed them to be. Maybe your idea of love before was just that, an idea, and not love. But you went with it before because you thought it was. And then someone comes and it all makes sense now. It doesn’t make sense but it does. It happens. It feels different. It feels good. It feels lovely. It feels like love. Love feels different. And it looks different. And you look different. And you like the new look. You love the new look. And now you know the difference. And someone is responsible for that. And you want to show them how much it means to you that they’ve given you such a thing, love. That they’ve given you a chance at love, a chance to love. So you love them. With your heart, with your whole, with their help.
And it’s okay.
It’s really okay.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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