Outside within… [POEM]

hides in the corners
of hardened hearts
in silence
cold and dark
without the blankets
of cast shadows
and doubt
that usually
keep Him warm
and His presence
in the open
of the land
that He created
but far too often destroyed
by His creation
that ignores
that He alone
made it
to debate Him

cries weeping whines of worry
lines flurried
by the hatred
of impatience
with His placement
of faces
or orientation
as if
He as God
is capable
of mistakes
or waiting
for His creation
to face
His arrangement

is firm
on His Grace,
His patience
as He awaits
from this hate
so He waits
in the recess
of playing people
who find
or have found
more accommodating
to their faith
while they believe
that God
keeps such these mercies
in His safe-
with the chase
of keeping
or in a way
that allows
for fate,
His acceptance
and willingness
to say
that because of free will
it is okay.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers

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