Know-it-all… [POEM]

The poet has
all the answers

his audience
gets a chance to
see if they work
he just lurks
somewhere in between
hypothesis and metaphor
ready for being ignored
or seen
as a hypothetical abstract
a conjured belief
a means
to a free-spirited irresponsibility,
a dream
an example of ones refusal
to subject
to submit
who brings with him
a peace
pieced in puzzle-like formation
fitting in open spaces
and broken places
hearts that get their only beat
from his depart
eyes that get their only light
from his spark
fingers that get their only feeling
from his touch

and such is his dilemma
never being able
to enter
any symbol or resemblance
of what he meant
when he tells them to live
beyond having to commit
beyond any limit
or fragments that are figments
of an observers imagination
thinking that he
is somehow escaping
by being displaced
from normal
or regulations
or his reputation
than being another
or anything other
stage presence

his answers bring question
and doubts
to his character
not to whether he is right
but of his right
to narrate
the plight
of the prisoners
that squander their freedom
on open-mics
and express their grievances
with likes

The poet has all the answers

and he dances
whilst no music plays
to the beat of his own drum
against the hokum
and conundrum
that the soul churns
that burn flagrantly
emitting the fragrance
of flavored trees
that waver breeze
winds blown to savor
that flee
vacant scenes
of glee
that he seethes
keeping to himself
the remedy
for an affliction
that injures
so many

the cure is his answers
his chance
to change
and ways
the way he set out to
by being himself
even if it hurts
not to
be able to ask any questions
like those asked of himself
by those that pretend
to know
he exists.


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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