Multiplicity… [POEM]

What’s wrong
with saying I love you
more than once
to more than one

and meaning it

believing it
because it’s true
about her
and you
and you
and you
and you

fulfilling promises,

modestly arranging strangely articulate phrases that match just as many days as it took for me to realize that I don’t have desire nor the time to spend on stopping or standing in one place long enough for commitment to make enough sense for me to consider it outside of whatever it represents in terms of this,

I’m faithful to who I am,
that’s it

but I love you

and yes I want the best and it is not just a suggestion that I offered to step aside so that you could find Mr.(s) “Willing to do what I won’t”… but if he is willing to give you 79 degrees and sunny, I won’t,
stand in your way,
stand in your rain,
stand for your moments of now,
stand for your games

I won’t,

but call me
when you’re imprisoned
when you need someone
to listen to you, someone to get into a debate
about faith
about waiting on mates
about haste
about the taste of your taste

about face,
don’t change,

because I love you

whether I’m here
or you’re there
whether you care to
believe me or not
you have a choice
and this is not

this is the lesser of equals that sounds evil but is greater than or equal to meeting you outside the box of what you speak, previously, this is you meeting me where you dream, this is something eventually turning into peace, of mind, one time, at a time

but repeated,
as frequently as need be,
considering someone else’s
like her
and her
and her
and maybe hers,
not mine

but being able to still love you,
the whole time…


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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