Happy Thanksgiving! [POEM]

Much is usually said
of what this day is meant to be
thanks and appreciation
gratitude, most certainly

To share and to observe
to serve and to extend
with service unto others,
for our family, for our friends

We fellowship and feast
we travel near and far
all to bring forth goodness
to the delight meant for our heart

Unto the lesser such amongst us
with gladness as we share
charitable sentiments of giving
by faith, with hope, in loving care

And I am such inclined
to share with you as so
I am thankful for your presence,
I wrote this poem to let you know

For years won’t always measure
and days are sure to fade
phone calls won’t always greet us
as absence makes its way

Life somehow just happens
and lost sometimes are the hopes
intentions we never fulfilled,
letters we never wrote

But memories and moments
that we share will surely live
as celebration and traditions
that a day like today forever gives…

To my family and friends, to your family and friends, to us all…


©2013 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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