Today’s -see 12/11

YOUR feelings deserve acknowledgement and consideration. YOUR feelings require recognition and respect. YOUR feelings demand to be stimulated and situated in the comfort and confidence of structure. YOUR feelings are entitled to safety, security, and significance.
YOUR feelings matter and mean something…

No one else has to honor or deal with your feelings the way you have to honor and deal with YOUR FEELINGS. YOU have to make YOU the priority and YOU have to position yourself in a way that guarantees you and your feelings the proper environments, atmospheres, and relationships to maximize the outstanding capabilities and sensations that are the ability to “feel”.
YOU have to set the boundaries and thresholds, standards and expectations, limits and restrictions, that guide and guard YOU and YOUR feelings into health and and away from harm. You have to do that, YOU MUST DO THAT, and NO ONE can do it for you. But if you do these things FOR YOURSELF, no one else can do anything TO YOU that damages you beyond reproach or repair. You will be free to exist, express, and excel in the example of authentic and pure self-love, self-awareness, and self-expression that allows you to be whatever or whomever you choose to be for others. YOU GET TO MAKE THAT CHOICE! Once you choose YOU, you can do, be, and become whatever YOU choose!



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